EF’s Valentine’s Gift Guide is Effing Gorgeous

EF Collection has just released their Valentine’s gift guide, and it features some of the most beautifully representative pieces that reflect the many faces of love. Designing styles and cuts that are defining, but reminiscent of this traditional holiday spirit, EF has captured what it means to express. 

Jewelry is undoubtedly the best way to put a fresh spin on a classic holiday—and EF isn’t pulling any punches this season. 

Love is in the Heart

The heart-shaped jewelry floodgates have opened, but EF isn’t here to fit in with the competition. Their enamel heart necklace features a solid pendant and beaded chain that reminds us of the jewelry from toy vending machines we begged our parents to spare some quarters for, while bringing out the same unforgivable desire in our adult life. Each heart is outlined with a diamond set and either a black, turquoise or pink heart, bringing a strong touch of nostalgia to modern design.


If you’re looking for something a bit daintier, EF also has a spread of open-heart diamond, full cut diamond chokers and five mini diamond heart necklaces offered in gold, rose gold and white gold–perfect to wear alone or stack to perfection.

Love is Blind

Love knows no bounds and it doesn’t discriminate. We are the face of love and we can’t be put in a box, and EF wants to celebrate that. They’ve got an entire rainbow collection featuring diamonds, black diamonds, pink sapphires, blue sapphires, orange sapphires, pink sapphires, rubies, aquamarines and emeralds. They’ve put this collection in their holiday gift guide to acknowledge all the different people celebrating their love in 2019. 

Rainbow Rings

In true EF fashion, you’ve got the option to stack or single out your favorite pieces and get as gaudy as you want. Whether you’re rocking the rainbow jumbo bar pinky ring or keeping it light with a single diamond rainbow flower stud, you can bring every color with you wherever you go. Love may be blind, but EF wants to make sure that everyone's love is heard this Valentine's Day. 

Love is Unpredictable

There’s no shame in admitting that some days you love your S.O. more than others. Relationships can be up and down, and we certainly go through them in stages. EF captures the essence of the relationship roller coaster with their fade pieces.

Ombre Earrings

The fade brick necklace and fade triple bezel stud earring feature white diamonds or topaz, pink sapphires, and rubies, respectively, that show the order in which our love descends and ascends consistently. EF isn’t afraid to acknowledge that love is dynamic, so they make jewelry that is just the same.

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by celebrating it with EF. No matter who you’re in a relationship with or where you are in your relationship, EF has created the perfect gift guide to make sure that everyone feels the love.

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