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Dry Skin? Keep Yourself Moisturized this Winter with HC’s favorite Beauty Products

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; that being said, it’s also the coldest time of the year! The winter time is fabulous to experience, with chilly nights and snuggling up by the fire. This weather, however, is a burden to the moisture in our skin. Irritation and peeling often leave us collegiettes frustrated when we try everything to avoid it and obtain little to no results. So there must be a cure, or at least someway to prevent it, right? Her Campus has the latest products that everyone is going crazy over: from hair products, lotion, to lip balm, you’ll be anything but dry this winter, and get fabulous, silky smooth results!



Let’s be honest, nothing is more unattractive than chapped lips. For starters, good ol’ fashioned vaseline works wonders. This all-natural remedy can cure even the driest of lips! Vaseline, however, can be thick, and many users don’t like that there is no scent. If you’re going to use Vaseline, some suggest using it just at night before you go to bed. The newest and, in my opinion, best lip balm out there is Baby Lips by Maybelline. Not only does it have a cute name, but it also gives you the most soft, kissable lips with up to 8 hours of moisture! With a wide range of flavors like Cherry Me, Peppermint, Peach Kiss and Grape Vine, there’s bound to be a lip balm that suits your taste; not to mention many of the lip balms are tinted, giving off a luscious lipstick look.



Dry, irritated, red skin...sadly we all have to deal with it in the winter. Fortunately, many different lotions are out on the market, but which ones should you choose? One of the best lotions out there that’s relatively inexpensive as well is Burt’s Bees Soothing Sensitive Aloe and Buttermilk Lotion. For only eight dollars a bottle, this lotion with calming aloe helps to keep skin moisturized, while buttermilk maintains a silky smooth finish. Skin can also be hydrated with moisturizing body wash. Dove Winter Care Body Wash is specifically designed to keep skin hydrated during the cool months where you're more prone to peeling; to top it all off, it smells wonderful!



The bitter chill turns hair unbearably brittle, which makes it ten times harder to tame. Infused with pro-vitamins, Infusium 23 Leave-in-Treatment has been proven to transform dull, dry hair into a soft and smooth mane. This product also contains proteins as well as amino acids, which help recover hair moisture that has been stripped from the cold. A product a little more on the pricey side, but works absolute wonders is Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum. After showering and your hair is damp, take a small droplet (not too much or your hair can get oily) and run the serum through your hair. Not only will your hair be as silky as satin, it will also rehydrate your hair with proteins. Most importantly, you hair will shine for days!

These products should bring fabulous outcomes for your hair, skin, and lips. Stay warm this winter and look fabulously hydrated!






Katie Kardok is a feature writer for the Her Campus Editorial team at the University of Central Florida. Katie is currently a junior majoring in Psychology. She enjoys pilates, photography, and watching football. Fun fact: She is left handed!
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