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Dressed in Paradise: Summer Style is Here


There are a few ways to know that summer is right around the corner in Florida. One of them is when you walk outside and your hair immediately turns into an angry monster. Another is when you can be walking in the sunshine, take a step inside to grab a latte, and then by the time you’re back out it is monsoon season and you’re getting emergency alerts from your university warning you to take immediate shelter. Both of those things have happened to me in this past week, so I figure it must be time to transition into summer style.

Summer is bold, straight-forward and unforgiving. While I may be more than willing to break out my tank top collection now that the temperature is above the perfect 75, I shudder when I realize the hottest of summer days flirt with 100 degrees. Summer is going to be a blaze this year, which means you do as well. Bright, lush colors like palm tree green and tropical waters blue. Gold goes well with almost any color, and is a sure-fire way to add a pop to any outfit. Denim is a thicker fabric, but cut the sleeves off a jacket you don’t wear anymore, spice it up with some bleach splatters or an iron-on picture, and you’ve got a great new lightweight vest. A little while ago, Versace paired with H&M to create a paradise-inspired line. Since then, the inspiration has been flowing; even frat boys can be seen wearing Hawaiian shirts on the beach.

The ’90s was a time when teenagers were figuring out who they were in a very rad way: neon hair, bright colors, acid wash denim, loud music and louder personalities. Inspiration from the ’90s has been cycling back into fashion for the past couple of years now, but it is finally here full force (and I am very excited). Take advantage of how exciting this summer is going to be for fashion and use it to make some bold choices. Step out of the box, go thrift shopping and pick something that you would never pick out (I recently snagged a mesh high school football jersey that I wear at all opportune times), and make it your own. While this may seem like a common motto in my articles, it is what I truly believe in fashion. If you act like what you’re wearing is flawless, people will want to wear that, too. Start your own trends, even if it’s around campus. Originality is back, and originality is a sure-fire way of being completely on point. 

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