Doesn't Claddagh Have a Nice Ring to It?

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and once again I spent it alone. I really thought this year would be different, especially after using my jewelry to advertise how insanely single I am. However, when I pointed out my advertisement to my roommate she simply said: “No one knows what a Claddagh ring means.”  And you know what, she’s right. So I have taken it upon myself to educate the world (and by that I mean anyone who reads this article) about Claddagh rings.  

The Claddagh (pronounced klad-uh) symbol comes from Ireland and it stands for: love, loyalty and friendship. The heart is love, the crown is loyalty and the hands are friendship. Half of my family is of Irish descent and because of this, it is a tradition for all of the married women to wear Claddagh rings given to them by their husbands. It is a very sweet tradition and also why I was talked out of getting one for a while.  

When I finally did buy myself a Claddagh ring, I assured my family that it was okay I did not have a man give it to me, and that I was wearing it right as a single woman. You see my dear reader, based on your relationship status the Claddagh ring is worn in different ways.

If you're single: 

The Claddagh ring should be worn on your right hand with the heart facing out. This shows that your heart is open and ready for love.

If you're in a relationship:

The Claddagh ring is still worn on the right hand with the heart facing towards the wearer. This shows that your heart has been captured.

If you're engaged

First off, congrats on being engaged! Your Claddagh now moves to your left hand! Once again the heart is facing out. You can wear your Claddagh AND your engagement ring, or if you want you can just wear your Claddagh because you’re still displaying your commitment this way.

If you're married

The Claddagh ring is worn on your left hand, but now the heart points inwards showing the world that your heart has been captured forever. Just like when engaged you can wear your engagement ring, wedding ring and Claddagh ring or just your Claddagh ring because you’re still displaying your commitment to your spouse if you wear the ring correctly.

Claddagh rings are not only super cute, but they’re a subtle way to tell the world your relationship status.  Also, it’s a very convenient way of showing off your Irish heritage. So don’t worry if you were single this Valentine’s Day because maybe with a Claddagh ring you can get some of that Irish luck on St. Patrick’s Day.