Disney's 'Frozen 2' Trailer Just Came Out and It Looks Seriously Intense

Six years ago, "Frozen" melted the hearts of Disney fans everywhere—and became the #1 highest-grossing animated feature of all time—with its charm, humor, and heart. The film was one of the first of its kind to challenge the traditional Disney plot line by introducing two princesses unlike any other, a prince who turns out to be evil, and an ending that doesn't revolve around a marriage based off of love-at-first-sight (don't worry, I didn't forget "Brave," or "Moana"). Just when everyone thought the "Frozen-mania" was over, Disney released the very first teaser trailer for "Frozen 2" on February 13.

Within a day of the trailer's posting, it broke the record for being the most-viewed animated trailer ever

For most people, the trailer was unlike anything they'd expected and could best be described as both a little dark and mysterious. Undoubtedly, the trailer was setting the tone for something more serious than fans might've been expecting. Without using any dialogue or showcasing any major reveals,  '"Frozen 2" is by far the most intriguing trailer Disney has released in recent memory. Although nothing has been confirmed yet as far as the plot goes, here are the most speculated over moments featured in the trailer that'll leave you wondering just what Anna, Elsa, and company will be up to in their next blockbuster adventure:

1. Elsa goes for a swim

Nearly half of the teaser is dedicated to Elsa as she fights against massive waves crashing against the shores of an abdanoned beach. Over and over, she attempts to break through the waves—even though she has already failed a number of times. Could it be that Elsa is trying to reach some secret world? Could she be training for something? Or, is she more than possibly letting off some steam by facing the very same ocean that took her parents from her?

2. The floating diamonds

In this short snippet of Anna overlooking a balcony of floating diamonds, there isn't much to speculate over—except what are these diamonds, and what do they have to do with her?

3. Kristoff, Sven, and... Sven's family?

You just know something serious is going down in this scene. I mean, just look at the eyes Sven is giving the camera. Whatever's going on here, Kristoff and Sven mean business.

4. New characters with new powers in a new land

I'm just gonna say it since we're all already thinking it: could this be Anna and Elsa's long-lost cousins who just so happen to have magical fall powers that'll compliment her wintery-ice powers? Possibly, but only time will tell. 

5. Who is Anna getting ready to fight?!

All I'm going to say is that you don't just grab a sword like that to fight just anybody. What exactly could be going on here? I'm guessing we'll just have to wait and see when "Frozen 2" makes its debut in theaters this November.

Truthfully, I can't wait to see what "Frozen 2" has in store considering the depth and intensity of the teaser. In the past, most (if not all) of the Disney princess sequels haven't been anything to get excited about, so it'll be interesting to see just what the team working on this film have come up with. It certainly looks like an adventure I can't wait to see.

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