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Despite it being spring already, some of us (me included) are having difficulty working out despite constant whining and jealousy over so-and-so’s perfect bod. Luckily, in an increasingly iPhone-centered world there are multiple apps out there to help us get on our fitness on.

I’ve looked through many of the top free fitness apps as well as health websites and created a list of my favorites to help you get well on your way to that Victoria’s Secret Angel body we’re all aiming for. Use that technology you paid so much for and get moving, ladies!

- Lose It! This app is great, because it lets you enter in your current height and weight and then your desired weight. It also allows you to choose how quickly you want to shed the pounds by picking the amount of pounds you’d like to lose a week. Then, it calculates the number of calories you can intake that day to help you keep with your goal. You can enter in the food as the day progresses (there’s an option for scanning barcodes as well as picking from a list) and it deducts calories to show you how much you have left. If you work out that day, you select the workout and it adds to the amount of calories you can have depending on what you’ve burned. You can even follow your friends and send them inspirational things or check out their progress.

-Fitness.com- This website has a plethora of tools for its viewers to use ranging from articles on health and fitness to finding an exercise based on the equipment, the muscle group, or the category. It also features a calendar that has fitness events as well as a store where you can buy all your exercise equipment.

- Nike Training Club-This app includes step-by-step instructions for workouts as well as the ability to set your favorite playlist to play in the background. You can also choose between getting toned, strong or lean, and they will provide you with workouts that help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and build muscle respectively. You can even target specific muscles and possibly unlock workouts from celeb trainers.

-Womenfitness.net-This website offers a lot of the same type of information as Fitness.com does, but it specifically caters to women. There’s information on how women can become stronger as well as a ton on yoga.

-Pedometer FREE- This app is perfect for running. Not only does it track your steps and distance, but it can also calculate your BMI, calories burned, speed, and pace. You can enter in how far you want to go and it will use an included GPS to show you your route and how quickly you’re approaching your destination. 

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