Did We Forget the Most Kawaii Foundation of 2018?

Benefit has been known for its branding, packaging and heavy use of the color pink. With a successful name in various areas of makeup, almost all of their products receive a lot of buzz upon launch, but it seems like one of their most modern and downright fun products has been extremely overlooked and basically fallen to the wayside. With a combination of girlish charm and a dash of relevant social commentary, it’s hard to believe that this product isn’t still being discussed in the beauty community.

In 2018, Benefit released their Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation and it’s, as Gwen Stefani would say, “super ka-wa-ii.” This foundation features some of the most adorable packaging that we’ve seen from the brand, but the message behind the title is even sweeter.

Every foundation box has a tiny, white heart printed right in the upper center because Benefit clearly understands that solid shapes are the first thing taught in cute packaging 101.

The foundation packaging itself features a happy little smiley face with heart eyes (even cuter if you get the mini-version)! With a metallic pink cap and soft, matte texture, this foundation already wins our hearts before application even starts.

Benefit designed this foundation to introduce users to a new reason to wear foundation—to be happy. Rather than covering up imperfections or layering product over blemishes, Hello Happy encourages a “soft blur,” which takes a gentler approach to applying makeup. This strategy makes sense when you think about the effects of makeup and what we do to achieve them. Makeup is designed to highlight the best parts of our faces while subtly hiding blemishes.

Rocking the tagline “when you feel happy, you look beautiful,” Benefit reminds users that lightweight foundation lets your skin breathe, which makes you feel better. In the world of makeup, brands that advocate for showing off your skin are changing the way cosmetics are envisioned.

Comprised of a mixture including SPF 15 and shea extract, Hello Happy can easily be a part of anyone’s daily routine. It can be layered on top of moisturizer if some extra hydration is needed during the winter months, but it’s also light and flexible enough to be your go-to when summer comes back around.

With a small, 12 shade range, Benefit reassures users that each shade is made with neutral undertones that are designed to blend in to fit any skin tone. Benefit even encourage users to apply it with their fingers, brushes or beauty blenders, making the application process convenient for everyone.

Despite how unapologetically cute this product is, it’s not just targeted at a young audience. Everyone is encouraged to wear Hello Happy because it complements the skin underneath. Of course, this isn’t the product for those looking for a full-coverage product, but it can definitely be layered if you have trouble spots to cover.

Finding a trusty foundation that you can always reach for isn’t easy, but it sure isn’t hard to commit when it’s this cute!

You can find Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation today at Sephora, retailing for $29.

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