Decoding Twenty One Pilots' 'Chlorine' Music Video

So where are you? It’s been a little while.

The opening lyric to Twenty One Pilots' song "Chlorine" exemplifies exactly what we feel since they reemerged from their one-year hiatus. Fans were incredibly surprised when the band began posting on social media again, sporting a new logo and hinting at new music.

Fans suspected they were coming when the band launched a website revolving around DEMA, a New Guinean deity whose mission was to slay ancestral spirits. The whole idea of the website was to signify lead singer Tyler Joseph’s battle with dark thoughts and feelings of insignificance.

Speaking of, the new music video for "Chlorine" shows Tyler struggling with his previous thoughts of suicide by debating whether he should drink a cup of chlorine or not. He ultimately chooses not to at the end, instead handing the cup over to his new friend Ned. Deciding that it smells bad, Ned puts it aside as well. By passing up the offer on drinking the cup, Tyler shows his strength in overcoming the dark thoughts that used to plague him.

Another aspect of the music video is Tyler’s attempt to fill the pool. He improvises with different methods, like having drummer Josh Dun use a hose that trickles small amounts of water. Tyler also hauls jugs of water and then resorts to a huge tank. All of this may signify Tyler’s attempts to combat his thoughts in new and innovative ways. Filling the pool is just his way of achieving peace.

I talked about Ned earlier, but it's worth mentioning him again. This character appears throughout the music video, creeping behind objects and spying on Tyler and Josh. He means no harm and is just curious as to what is going on. At one point, he decides to take the leap and jump in the pool.

So what is he exactly? Ned is a small Furby-looking creature who the band describes as their friend. According to Josh, “it really represents this idea of creativity and trying to take care of it.” They want to foster and grow their creativity and Ned is the perfect example.

The last aspect of the video I wanted to talk about is Tyler sitting in the pool alone as the outdoors is incredibly dark. This could signify Tyler hitting a roadblock in creativity, not knowing what to do or how to express himself. Ned climbs down beside him and comforts him, perhaps telling Tyler not to lose hope.

Ultimately, Twenty One Pilots' "Chlorine" music video showcases the ideas of dark thoughts, creativity, and hope that we all feel. The moral is that although we may be plagued by negativity, we should never lose our sense of hope. Things will always get better as long as we keep up our strength.

Also, remember that if you are ever feeling low, you can buy yourself a Ned figurine as a reminder that you are strong, important and absolutely amazing. Because who doesn’t love a cute gremlin?

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