DC's Wonder Woman: What It Means To Be Human

I have not gone to the movies to see a superhero flick since Suicide Squad last year, but I'm—for the lack of a better word—honored to have had Wonder Woman as my next. But it's not because she's finally getting her own live-action flick, or because she's some kind of feminist icon.

It's because of the theme of the movie.

Without giving anything away, I will say that Diana is on more than just a physical journey, but an emotional and intellectual one as well. She learns something that I sometimes forget...something we all forget.

That what makes us all human is our ability love, even when times get tough.

No matter where you stand on any issue, what religion you are, where you are from, or what gender you are, we all have love in common. While hate can be a strong force to face, and while we all don't always get along the way we should, there is always someone or someones out there that a person would do anything for because of how much they love them. Soldiers fight and often die for their country. Parents will do anything it takes to save their child from pain or death. Lovers share a bond that very little can break. Friends are there to hold you when you're down. And as for family, as they say: blood is thicker than water.

No we don't all think the same way and some of our beliefs clash in sometimes bloody ways. But no matter what you believe remember to love people first even if you disagree with them.

Because love is the most powerful force in the world and no matter how hard the battle, it will always win out.

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