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The College FOMO Survival Guide

Fomo? pronounced: well, how it looks. “fOH- mOH

It sounds weird, like most acronyms, but as soon as you hear the definition you’ll basically say “OH!” and you’ll know how to pronounce it. FOMO is the fear of missing out- according to urban dictionary and most of collegiate students who use that cool slang nowadays. We’ve all felt it, we still feel it, it sucks, but feelings can always be resolved and forgotten.     



1. Worried you won’t get invited somewhere.

2. Having other plans and not being able to attend an event all your friends are at.

3. Feeling out of the loop.

4. Maybe a bit of anger because no one is answering your texts since they’re all busy.



1 .Fixing it!!*

2. Make it the best of both worlds! Enjoy your time elsewhere while giggling at all the snapchats your friends are posting/sending you and waiting to hear the stories they’ll tell you.

3. Not feeling any negative feelings! Positive mind set = great day without being somewhere you’d rather be.

4. Oddly enough, busyness or relaxation is key.

*Easier said than done? Think not readers! Alas, if there’s a will there’s a will, there’s a way!

Coming from someone who constantly feels this “out of the loop” isolation, at times this fomo can last the whole night and maybe even the next morning. It’s not the slightest bit a happy feeling, but I’ve learned how to cope with it and swerve that fomo out of the way. It’s difficult not to feel anxious, or really any type of emotion when you’re out of the loop in any given situation. As long as you find a way to be at peace with your situation, there will never be the fear of anything! Missing out happens, and when it does, you’ll now know what to do. 



Make the best of the situation you’re in.

In the case of fomo, if you get invited somewhere or cancel due to prior plans you had before, stick to them! Be committed, even if you feel like you’re missing out. Work, group meeting, family in town, enjoy it and find ways to not be thinking about what the others are doing! If you were lucky enough to attend the party or the event but you had to leave early because of your prior implications, it’s fine! At least you showed up and got to spend some time. Leaving early is definitely okay if you’re family came home to visit you! Appreciate the time you get to spend with them, the free meals you’ll get, and all the love and warm hugs. The party scene or the friends’ scene will always be there- just like family but mommy and daddy don’t follow you to college, therefore you don’t see them everyday.


Don’t feel sad, angry , or worried.

I know, I know it’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s difficult not being able to be part of the fun, but you don’t know how fun it even is! In retrospect, how fun could it be if you’re not there? Either way, fun or not, stressing and worrying about it is only going to make you feel worse and or make you waste a lot of money on the junk food you’re going to emotionally eat when you get back home. If it’s at a concert you couldn’t attend because it was too last minute or not affordable, no stress! Take a nice warm bath with candles and chocolate! There’s ALWAYS next time- and something more in your budget. Your friends haven’t forgotten about you! Remember that, so you can go to sleep with a clear mind and wake up the next morning like nothing even happened.


Keep yourself busy.

If you’re home sick and can’t go out, or at work, or really anywhere else than where you want to be, keep yourself doing something. If you’re at home start a new hobby like painting or get one of those mini bonsai gardens- side note: Why are those so out of style now? They’re adorable and fun to play with; they probably once felt fomo, too. If you need relaxation instead of picking up a hobby catch up on some Netflix (unless you are an honorary binge watcher). You can also clean your apartment or your refrigerator, time flies when you’re having fun. Being at work and keeping yourself busy can be rough especially if you’re constantly looking at the clock and wondering what you’re friends are doing. Finish up extra work and be productive! Write in your planner, figure out plans for the next few weekends you’re off and truly turn this fomo around into a special time for two people- you and yourself. 


No fear we are all fomo feelers here.

Fomo may not always be in relation to friend groups or activities, it can be with a new pet your parents just got back home, or when your family goes on vacation while you have finals! At the end of the day, it’s normal to be “ in your feels” when you’re not hanging with friends or playing with your new pet. Namely, it’s essential to know that there will always be more memories you can make so you shouldn’t feel lousy about not being able to attend something for one day. 




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Alexa, otherwise known as "Alexa Wexa" is a senior Psychology major pursuing a minor in Public Relations and Communications. As the Co-Event Director of HCUCF she loves creating and planning events for the wonderful writers on the team. In pursuit of making time last, you can find her at Disney or driving around Orlando for the best food, coffee, and photo ops.
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