Channeling Your Inner Shonda Rhimes

In this day and age, it’s up to us women to support one another and not tear each other apart. Instead of “slut-shaming” and calling other girls' names, we have to assume leadership roles for the younger generation of girls in our communities, as well as beyond the four corners of wherever we call home.  

“Girl Power” is the name of the game, and will continue to be, so long as we continue to stand behind our young, old, and all those in between.

This is why many of us, especially me, look up to Shonda Rhimes- producer, screenwriter, director, and a powerhouse in her own right. Thousands of viewers tune into ABC’s TGIT (Thank God its Thursday) nighttime programming, to watch our favorite drama characters; Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope, and Annalise Keating in suspense to watch the stories of their crazy world unfold.

Shonda Rhimes has both won and been nominated for countless awards for her work in both film and television. This goes to show that just because you’re a woman, so what? That doesn’t and shouldn’t limit how big or how bold your dreams are, and shows we should follow our passions, no matter what they entail! Queen Bey maybe fierce, and we all love her, but it’s time to channel our inner Shonda Rhimes and continue to show the world what women are capable of.