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Caught in the Walk of Shame

Despite popular belief, not all “walk of shame” stories begin the morning after a party. Sometimes you are just caught in the act and forced to deal with the awkward reality. For your entertainment, a few collegiettes have decided to share their stories. All student and location names will remain anonymous.

I stayed the night with a hot sorority girl…in the sorority house, which is against the rules. I tried to sneak out early the next morning, but was caught by the house mother right before I made it to the door. She started asking who I was and the name of the girl I had been with, but I opened the door and ran!
- Freshman

I went to class the morning after I stayed with a girl. I was in a rush to get there on time so I just threw on the clothes from the night before. My professor said “nice lipstick” as I walked by him to my desk. I was confused until a few people in the class told me I had lipstick and bite marks all over my neck. I wouldn’t really call that a walk of shame though. It felt pretty awesome.
- Junior
I shared an apartment-style dorm with a few teammates. I had a girl in my room and they thought it would be funny to barge in and yell. The girl was really embarrassed, and I felt awkward since she felt awkward. I walked her to the door in front of them when she left. I guess you could say that was a walk of shame for both of us.
- Senior
A group of friends and I went clubbing to celebrate the last night of the semester. I decided to let one of the guys walk me to my dorm at the end of the night. One thing led to another, and he ended up sleeping over. The next morning we were greeted by my roommate’s entire family helping her move. My hair was messed up and my makeup was smudged as I walked him out the door. It was very awkward.
- Freshman
My boyfriend and I went to see two movies. We had an hour to kill in between them so we decided to walk around the mall. One stop we made was at a lingerie store. It was close to closing time so there weren’t many people there. He picked out a sexy outfit for me to try on and one of the retailers showed us to the fitting room. Once she left, I let my boyfriend sneak in, and well, you can guess what happened next. A few moments later we were scared by a loud knock and an angry voicing saying “Sir, you need to get out of there now!” He went out, I changed into my clothes, and we walked out of the store as quick as possible. The workers were glaring at us. I felt so embarrassed!
- Sophomore
I had stayed the night at a guy’s apartment. It was a spontaneous decision, so I didn’t have anything with me besides the clothes from the night before. I slept later than expected, and had a class (that I could not afford to miss) at noon. Since I didn’t have time to go to my apartment, I had to make a horrible walk of shame across campus. I carried my heels, had messy hair, and was wearing a tight, sparkly top. I tamed my hair as best I could by brushing it with my fingers, but it was still obvious. Even worse, the classroom door was at the front of the room, so I had to walk in front of everyone.
- Junior

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