A Case for DIY Hair

Whether or not to dye or cut your hair at home can be a difficult choice, but it's an awesome opportunity to express yourself! Here are just a couple of reasons why DIY-ing your hair is a great idea.

  1. 1. Save Money

    A cut and color for my long curly hair can run hundreds of dollars at a salon, but a little Googling and some ingenuity can cut that down to a fraction of the price. And you know your hair best — I don’t miss trying in vain to describe how certain sections would spring up at different lengths to a stylist who would end up cutting it all in a straight line anyways.

    Kellyn Simpkin-Girl Holding Money
  2. 2. Expand Your Skillset

    Anna Schultz-Hands On Laptop

    These days, there are thousands of online tutorials for every hair type and style you could dream of, so if you have the time it might be worth trying to gain a new skill. You might even find you have a knack for it and decided to keep pushing yourself further!

  3. 3. Bond With Friends

    Hair Flip

    Some of my favorite memories are of my friends and I huddled over a bathroom sink, laughing and messily applying black and purple dyes to the best of our abilities. If you have someone you trust to help you out, it'll make the whole process so much more fun than any salon could possibly be!

Remember: it’s just hair. It’ll grow back. Even if you mess up.