Can You Relate to These Spring Colors?

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, in Florida- nothings changed, Olaf is singing, and spring showers bring May flowers! Although it’s not my favorite season I see why it could  be to others. The pastels within this season are inspiring, all these beautiful flowers arise, and “Spring Break!!” Is something you’ll commonly hear come March-April. Sometimes Spring sucks though, allergies, rain, midterms, and it’s almost Summer…so close yet so far. But amidst the chaos, Spring is filled with a bunch of colors, colors that can describe how we feel when this season takes way.

According to Pantone- there are 10 Colors for ‘Spring 2017’ labeled: Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Lapis Blue, Flame, Island Paradise, Pale Dogwood, Greenery, Pink Yarrow, Kale, and Hazelnut. Who knows, you may be all or none at all, a dash of two or three but that’s up to you not up to me! – Wow spring really sprung with my rhyming talents.


If Niagara is your choice of color you’re ready for skies with no clouds. You can’t wait to find a place to sit around in the shade waiting for some plans to come about. All shades of blue surround you, when the rain comes down you’re still smiles and when its time to go out and do something fun- you’re ready.


Primrose Yellow

No, no you are not part of The Hunger Games Novels, unless you truly want to be. But you're dancing in the sunlight! You can’t wait to bloom and see what this semester finally has to offer, lemonade in my opinion is the Springtime drink and you’re eager for all types of it: frozen, blended, and sorbet-ed. This type of yellow stands out and isn’t very similar to the pastel yellow, which means you’re definitely going to make this Spring season the best one yet!


Lapis Blue

This color seems pretty similar to Royal Blue through my eyes- does this make you some form of Royalty? Why yes madam, it surely does. Everyone is a princess including you, so finally it’s time to take a giant spring in your step (pun intended) and jump for joy! This season is going to treat you like the royalty you are, nothing but hope and warm blessings for the rest of the year are coming your way.



SPICY. If you’re red, your flame never fades. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall all anyone has to do is call your name, and you’ll be there. Spring is just the beginning for your fun endeavors! You’re ready for anything thrown your way. You’re flaming and ready to light up the sky.


Island Paradise

Yoo-hoo over there…day dreamer come back to reality. You’re dreaming of going to an island far far away from home. If you truly are going to an island this Spring, it’ll be one of the most relaxing weeks of this entire semester. If you’re not, stay dreaming! You can make the best out of every situation and create your own paradise right at home.


Pale Dogwood

Spring is in the air, and you’re all cozied up. Even though it’s not too cold anymore, you’re cozied up in a blanket reading a book or catching up on Netflix like the rest of us. Are you seeming kind of pale like your color describes, then go out and smell the fresh air! Get some sun girl (responsibly, don’t forget that sunblock) and if you’re pale and proud flaunt it and wear the pj's you want.



You’re so happy about Spring, you wet your plants. You’re all about buying succulents and cacti to lighten up your room after some Spring cleaning. It’s time for out with the old and in with the new, you’re seeking change and some outdoor adventure!


Pink Yarrow

If you didn’t know then you’re going to know now- Yarrow is a flower so that is what you are! A blossoming flower ready for what the rest of the warm seasons have to offer. From roots to petals you’ve been humble and prospering and now its time to bloom! To love yourself and encompass some major self confidence.




You got the greens, greens, greens! You’re so ready for all those Pinterest Spring Salad recipes! Green smoothies- all thing every (green). This spring is about detox for the Summer season, all the acai bowls you can eat, and all the gym hours you can get. If you eat kale, you never fail! – Don’t quote me on that.



Coffee never sleeps. Apparently, if you drink it, neither do you. Warm or iced coffee doesn’t go away in Spring. You’re ready to be energized and wired for whatever you’re going to be doing. You might be laying off a little just for the sake of relaxation but you’re more ready than ever.


Photo credit to Patone for the color names and image: 1