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Campus Cutie: Rachel Dean

This Air Force soldier in the making has all the qualities of a well-rounded, and overall courageous beauty…

Her Campus UCF (HCUCF): So how old are you?

Rachel Dean (RD): 20

HUCF: What’s your major?

RD: Human Communication.

HUCF: What year are you?

RD: I am a Junior.

HUCF: Being that your a Human Communication major, what do you want to do with that?

RD: Well, I’m actually in the ROTC program, (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps), so I’m hopefully going into the Air Force after college.

HUCF: So why do you like UCF?

RD: It’s a beautiful campus, there’s always something to do. I feel like the campus is willing to help out each individual student, and I just feel a personal connection to the school for sure.

HUCF: And are you single or in a relationship?

RD: I’m single.

HUCF: So what do you look for in a man?

RD: Someone whose strong in character, knows what they want, and doesn’t mess around. Someone who is willing to stand up for me in front of other people.

HUCF: She wants a soldier! (laughs)

RD(laughs) YES! There you go! Just someone whose kind, like the basic needs.

HUCF: What do you do outside of UCF with this strong fellow you hope to be with? 

RD: I like to go out; with friends honestly. I like to just be with friends or people just doing stuff.

HUCF: Like what?

RD: Like anything really. I feel like I’m a pretty ambitious person, if we come up with a random idea I’m down for it. Let’s just do it. Like if you want to jump out of a plane, lets go! I’m down. I love skydiving, hiking, stuff like that.

HUCF: Your adventurous!

RD: Adventurous, ambitious, and impulsive. I can be a very impulsive person…

Guys look out, Air Woman Dean is a strong woman that dares to push the limit and break out to the depths towards freedom.

Photo credit: Rachel Dean

Hi my name is Amanda Osorio! I am a Junior at UCF, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Women's Studies! I love to read the True Blood series and eat Pei Wei's spicy Chicken Pad Thai while watching Game of Thrones, Scandal, Empire, Scrubs, American Horror Story and so much more! I call myself a nostalgic person since I should have been raised in the 1970's since I LOVE that era, from the fashion, movies, and music. My dreams will be complete with my purple flower record player and baby blue typewriter. A girl can dream with her eyes open <3 <3
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