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Campus Cutie: Delilah Lynx

Her Campus UCF (HCUCF): What’s your major?

Delilah Lynx (DL): Criminal Justice. I’ve had a passion for criminal justice from a young age so I decided to pursue it as a career and chose it as my major.

HCUCF: What’s your dream job?

DL: I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I’ve acted in a few television commercials, T.V. shows, and one movie. 

HCUCF: What’s your hometown?

DL: I was born and raised in Orlando, I’ve been right by UCF my entire life. My parents met at UCF and decided to raise their children in the same town. I’m proud to be a UCF legacy!

HCUCF: Year in school?

DL: Sophomore.

HCUCF: Campus involvment?

DL: I’m involved in Greek life, I’m a Gamma Phi Beta sister.

HCUCF: Are you in a relationship?

DL: Yes, taken by a wonderful man named Kenzo. 

HCUCF: What’s your idea of the perfect date?

DL: Something simple, like a picnic under the stars. *Hint hint*.

HCUCF: What do you find most attractive in a guy?

DL: It’s a tie between humor and confidence. Actually, humor for sure!

Thanks, Delilah! 

Jade is a junior Radio/Television major with a coffee addiction and may marry a bagel because she loves them so much. She's just your typical sorority girl that idolizes Beyonce, loves being by the ocean, and sharing Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake videos on Facebook because they are friendship goals. Jade loves cheering on her Knights, you can find her at every UCF home game. When life's a mess Jade wants to remind you that you can just pretend you're Olivia Pope and handle it. 
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