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Campus Celeb: Sonali Prabhu

She’s got almost 6K followers on the Insta, her eye shadow is always on point, and she may or may not be poppin tags on the YouTubes (she is). Sonali really is so-gnarly. She’s a super cool girl with winged eyeliner skills that will make you question your own ability to do the simplest of makeup looks. Sonali Prabhu is UCF’s very own beauty blogging YouTuber, and we got the DL on her life.

HCUCF: Year? Major?

SP: I am a freshman and right now I am broadcast journalism, but that is most likely going to change!

HCUCF: Hometown?

SP: I was born in Jacksonville, FL and moved to Roswell, Georgia when I was 3, until I moved back to Florida for college.

HCUCF: Are you involved in any organizations or club on campus?

SP: I am a Kappa Delta here at UCF! 

HCUCF: Describe yourself in 3 emojis. 

SP: Camera, grinning face, awkward flushed cheeks face!

HCUCF: Tell us a little about your YouTube channel.

SP: I started out by doing beauty videos, but now I also do lifestyle videos and vlogs!

HCUCF: How did you get into YouTube?

SP: I have always watched YouTube videos so I decided might as well do them myself because I have always been into entertaining other people! On the first day of summer, I decided it was the day so I borrowed my dad's camera and tripod and uploaded my first video!

HCUCF: Favorite YouTubers?

SP: Aspyn Ovard, MylifeasEva, Tori Sterling, Desi Perkins, Jay Alvarrez, & Tara Michelle Vlogs.

HCUCF: Whose your celeb crush #MCM?

SP: I honestly don't have one but I like any celebrity with a nice smile and personality!

HCUCF: What’s your Netflix guilty pleasure?

SP: I usually pick YouTube over Netflix, but I definitely want to rewatch either 90210 or One Tree Hill!

HCUCF: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SP: Hopefully married and successful with my ideal career. (Author’s note—ME TOO GIRL, ME TOO.)

HCUCF: Favorite part of UCF so far?

SP: I love how pretty and modern my school is! I also love how there is always something going on like clubs or events!

HCUCF: Relationship status? Do you got a bae, or nah?

SP: I do got a bae! He's at school in Georgia, so FaceTime is our BFF.

Keep up with Sonali for cool vids & cute pics!

Instagram: @so_narly 

Twitter: @so_narly 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SoNarlyPrabhu

Blog: www.sonarlylife.com

Snapchat: @sonali_prabhu

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