Campus Celeb: Mariah Hoefle


Cute is an understatement to describe this week’s Campus Cutie. Mariah Hoefle, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, and a member for the Morale Team for Knight-Thon, may very well be the liveliest person you will ever meet. She displays such a positive energy and gives 110% in everything that she does. Mariah is a lover of all things FTK (for the kids), and she truly loves being a Knight! Read on to discover why she deserves the title of this week’s Campus Cutie!

HerCampusUCF (HCUCF): How old are you and what year are you?

Mariah Hoefle (MF): I am 19 years old and I am a sophomore.

HCUCF: What are you majoring in?

MH: Event Management.

HCUCF: What do you plan to do with that major after graduation?

MH: I plan to work in the non-profit sector and hopefully go onto Entertainment as well. I think I want to eventually get involved with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, even the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

HCUCF: Tell me about your involvement at UCF.

MH: Well, my freshman year I joined SBPAC which is the Student Body President’s Advisory Council, and that was a committee on SGA where I helped the Executive Branch with their events, and volunteered for them. I am also a sister of Alpha Xi Delta and I participated in Knight-Thon last year, and this year I am a member of the morale team of Knight-Thon.

HCUCF: How does one go about becoming a team member on Morale?

MH: It’s an application process, so some mutual friends who were on it introduced me to it and they told me it would be a great opportunity for me. It’s a lot of dancing which I love to do, and of course its For The Kids, which is something I love even more. After the application process, you can get an interview, and there are about 60 individuals selected from there.

HCUCF: Wow! So was there one particular person that inspired you to get so involved in Knight-Thon and The Morale Team?

MH: Yes, Brandon Kraut, who is now my boy big! I met him through my best friend, Tyven on SBPAC because they are in the same fraternity, Theta Chi. So last year, at Knight-Thon, Brandon stood by my side the whole time and he helped me with all of the dances. Through him, I became really passionate for Knight-Thon.

HCUCF: Aw! What do you hope to accomplish by the time you graduate from UCF?

MH: I think one of the biggest things I hope to accomplish, is getting a ton of experience with a bunch of different organizations because I’d love to receive those connections for when I graduate college. Creating as many relationships as possible, and I would love to see myself go higher within Knight-Thon, hopefully be on the executive board next year. Also, I would love to continue to obtain positions within my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta.

HCUCF: Do you have a job as well?

MH: I do! I work at Forema Boutique in Waterford Lakes. It’s just a little fun job! We like to call it a little Anthropologie/Urban mix!

HCUCF: Haha! So what do you enjoy doing in your spare time, if you even have spare time?

MH: I love hanging out with my friends; I just love it! Also just enjoying the experience of college and doing all that I can such as going to a bunch of different events and what not.

HCUCF: That’s wonderful! So, what is your relationship status?

MH: (Giggles) I am as single as they come!

HCUCF: What do you look for in a guy?

MH: Oh wow, well I look for just a genuinely nice gentleman. Someone who is humble, respectful and who loves to laugh and have a good time.

HCUCF: What is your favorite part about being a Knight?

MH: I think it’s the fact that I have three siblings who have also been a Knight. Also I am from Orlando, so I love being able to represent where I’m from!

HCUCF: Describe yourself in three words.

MH: Oh, that’s hard! I would have to say bubbly, passionate, and vivacious!

HCUCF: Has there been one single college memory that has stood out thus far that you will always remember?

MH: Yes, Knight-Thon 2015! Honestly, it was life changing. I discovered that the major that I chose was an absolute definite path that I wanted to pursue. It made me realize that non-profit would be perfect for me! It really made me feel like I have a purpose.

HCUCF: Last but not least, is there a mantra that you live by?

MH: Definitely to live life to the fullest. I believe in that!