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Camila Dunne and The Six: A Love Letter to My Favorite Literary Character

Let me start by saying, every character in Daisy Jones and The Six captured my heart. It’s almost too easy to fall deeply into the world of The Six. Take it from someone who read the whole book in about two days. While every member of The Six is written with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s signature wit and careful consideration, the character that lives rent-free in my head and heart isn’t even a member of the titular band. Lead Singer Billy Dunne’s wife, Camila, has joined the ranks of Jo March and Elizabeth Bennett as one of my favorite female, literary role models.  

In an attempt to avoid spoilers, I’m going to use two of my favorite quotes from Camila to illustrate how much I love her.

“If I’ve given the impression that trust is easy—with your spouse, with your kids, with anybody you care about—if I’ve made it seem like it’s easy to do… then I’ve misspoken. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever have to do.

But you have nothing without it. Nothing meaningful at all. That’s why I chose to do it. Over and over and over. Even when it bit me in the ass. And I will keep choosing it until the day I die.”

If there is one word to sum up Camila Dunne’s character it’s trust. Even though we all dream of it, there’s nothing easy about being a rockstar’s girlfriend and trust is a central part of the job. Throughout the book, Camila inspired me with her trust. Her trust in people and, more importantly, her trust in the universe — that everything will work out in the end. This quote in particular is so important because up until this point, Camila makes having faith in people look effortless. But here she reminds us that trusting people is a choice you make and have to keep making that choice, even when it doesn’t work out exactly like you hoped it would. It’s Camila’s overwhelming ability to give trust so freely that has changed my approach to every relationship in my life.

“Don’t count yourself out this early, Daisy. You’re all sorts of things you don’t even know yet.”

When I read this line I felt like I was Daisy, sitting in that hotel room on the verge of breaking down. I completely empathize with Daisy’s feeling like who you are in life has already been determined and it’s too late to change. But sometimes all it takes to change your life is hearing the right thing from the right person to keep you going. Despite their differences, Camila can still recognize all of the potential in Daisy. Billy and Daisy’s similarities are too obvious to ignore, and Camila knows that Daisy has the power to change her own life just like Billy did. It’s Camila’s unwavering ability to see the good in people that inspires Daisy to make that change. Every time I read this quote I’m reminded there is still so much life in front of me and I haven’t discovered the best version of myself. 

Daisy Jones and The Six is my new favorite book for so many reasons and Camile Dunne may be the biggest one. From the moment of Camila and Billy’s “meet-cute,” I knew that I was going to fall for Camila as quickly as Billy did. To say I’m grateful that Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote this amazing character would be an understatement and I can’t wait to see Camila come to life on the show soon.

Ashley is a senior who serves as HCUCF's President and Co Campus Correspondent. She's double majoring in marketing & ad/PR at the University of Central Florida with dreams of working in a big city and traveling the world. As a lover of all things entertainment, Ashley has an encyclopedic knowledge of 2000's movies and cheesy teen drama shows. She loves oat milk lattes and daydreaming about her next vacation. You can almost always find her studying at coffee shops, at her local record shop or at home watching Twilight. Follow Ashley on all of her socials below!
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