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Bryon Kennedy ‘14

The Whole Package

Ladies, you are going to love this one. Funny, nice, handsome, and smart!? What else could you possible ask for? Meet Byron (Bo) Kennedy.

Name: Byron Leit Kennedy IV a.k.a. “Bo”

Major: Biology

Relationship status: Single

Tell me a little bit about yourself: My name is Byron Kennedy, but growing up everyone called me Bo. I’m a 20-year-old junior majoring in biology, and I hope to go to med school. I like long walks on the beach. Alright, I may not like long walks on the beach, but I do love being near the water and wakeboarding. I’m originally from St. Petersburg, FL. I’m kind of shy at first, but if you hang out with me long enough, I’m really a fun guy.

Hidden talent: I can juggle like nobody’s business.

Most spotted at: The bar

Words to live by: “All ya gotta do is put a drink in my hand.”

If people were to give you a superlative, what do you think it would be? Biggest Sweetheart

Most embarrassing moment: When I was on the swim team, I forgot to tie my little speedo during a dive and it went straight to my ankles.

An interesting fact about you: I learned guitar in elementary and middle school, taught myself piano in high school, and now I know how to play the ukulele, too. I’m in the process of learning how to play the banjo now.

What song is on repeat on your iPod? “Allstar” by Smash Mouth

Favorite movie: Anything but scary movies, I hate scary movies.

Best pick-up line: I don’t use one. I just smile at girls.

Celebrity crush: Selena Gomez

Female turnoff: If she’s smoking a cigarette, I won’t even consider talking to her.

Kathryn Tromba is a Junior at the University of Central Florida. She is majoring in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and minoring in Magazine Journalism. She is the Twitter Manager for @HerCampusUCF, the Public Relations Chair for Rent the Runway UCF, and a Campus Ambassador for InternQueen.com.
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