Billie: Your Shower's New Best Friend

Body hair is something that marketing has cleverly made one of the most shameful parts of being a female. The history of shaving commercials has done everything in its power to shield our eyes from any shred of hair. Smooth legs dancing in front of a waterfall are designed to represent the euphoria that women must feel when they finally liberate themselves of unsightly, developed follicles. Women have become accustomed to forking over more money for any product that will help relinquish their bodies of its natural extension, but there’s a brand that wants to throw a wrench in social standards.

Restoring the Faith

Meet Billie: the razor built for womankind, dedicated to dismantling the pink tax and leading the march of rewriting the history of feminine grooming. As a shave and body care subscription service for women, Billie offers products ranging from razors to body wash to lotions, but its mission to promote guilt-free grooming might be its biggest selling point.

Forging the Path

What instantly makes Billie different than its competitors? Hair. Billie doesn’t shy away from the natural functions of the human body and they don’t feel the need to assume that all women want it gone. At the forefront of their website, you’ll be greeted by women shaving, but rather than seeing a clean leg guarded with layers of shaving cream, you’re met with a candid shot of hair removal. There is immediate and powerful commentary that paints the brand is also designed to promote the fact that women grow hair in places harder to reach places—and it comes in all colors and textures.

With an understanding that grooming doesn’t always equal removal, you can find all of Billie’s channels flourishing with growth: hair growth. May this growth directly reflect the social improvements that follow behind the trail that Billie is paving.

Sporting a line of body care items free of sulfates, parabens and synthetic fragrances, Billie shows that women don’t have to suffer the consequences of harmful chemicals in products that media forced them to feel required to purchase. Happy skin is a major player in their body care campaign and Billie doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to name-dropping its loyal consumers and celebrated editorial reviews.

Is Pink the New Black?

Billie has dedicated its business model to overthrowing the excessive amounts placed on feminine products surcharged from the pink tax. Understanding that the shaving industry is male-dominated, Billie calls out other shaving companies for making hair removal a virtuous duty that happens to cost women more than their male counterparts.

Other companies may not be as socially adept at protesting the tax, but Billie promotes taking to the public forum to see that justice is served to every woman’s daily routine. You can even join the pink tax rebate directly on their website.

As if their female-first social push wasn’t already decorated, Billie also donates 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world. You can find out which initiative they’re supporting each month and watch the rise of a new generation in grooming.

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