Being a Super Virgin: The Good, the Bad, the Granny Panties?

There’s nothing more memorable than your first time — clothes coming off, loud noises filling the air, hands twitching with anticipation. Everything is slightly confusing and downright intimidating. There are so many expectations already put in place that it’s hard to feel ready when it finally happens. Of course, in this case, the “it” I’m referring to is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There are three types of people who go see Rocky Horror. You have the regular audience members (aka people who have both seen the movie and been to a showing before), virgins (people who have seen the movie but haven’t been to a showing before) and super virgins (people who haven’t been to a showing or seen the movie before). 

As a super virgin, here are the three things I knew about Rocky Horror

  1. You could wear whatever you wanted, but most people wear as little clothing as possible.
  2. A very tall transvestite from transsexual Transylvania is one of the main characters, and the LGBT+ community is obsessed with this film. 
  3. You throw things and shout at the screen sometimes. When? I had no clue. 

As I waited to get into the show at the door of the Plaza, I found myself in awe of the comradery that flowed between the people in line. No one was being judged or looked at strangely — instead, they were appreciated for being true to themselves. This atmosphere made more sense after I watched the movie. It's all about feeling free enough to do what you desire and being whoever the hell you want.  

As for the actual show, the one I went to featured a shadowbox cast, meaning there was a cast of actors acting out the movie on stage while it was playing behind them. It was kind of amazing to see people completely mimic the movie, mouthing along line for line, song for song. 

Throughout the night we danced and shouted and laughed along with the actors, letting our freak flags fly in the name of having a little fun. My personal favorite part was seeing so much of Orlando’s LGBT+ community in such a safe space. There were men dressed in fishnet stockings, heels, and not much else, women gleefully proclaiming their love for one another in matching costumes, and non-binary folk having the absolute time of their lives. As a bisexual woman, I felt immediately welcomed. 

Now, if you’re thinking about going, here are a few things that I can recommend. 

First and foremost, watch the movie before going to the live show. Rocky Horror audiences are notorious for their antics — screaming out expletives, throwing things, and mocking the characters on the screen like clockwork. That can make it a little hard to understand what’s going on in the actual film. If you watch it beforehand, you can further immerse yourself in the experience of being in the audience, and you'll worry less about what’s happening on the screen. 

Like I said earlier, I knew that I was supposed to throw things during the movie, but I didn’t know what to throw during which scenes. My hands were in my prop bag all night, anticipating when a prop throw was supposed to happen, but I never really felt ready. My advice is to go with someone who knows what they’re doing so that they can help guide you through the whole experience.  

Finally, you need to wear cute underwear. You never know when the opportunity to run around the room in your undies with a bunch of strangers could arise, but I promise you’re not going to want to be in your granny panties, like I was, when it does. 

Was my first time at Rocky Horror a memorable one? It sure was! There are some things I wish I’d done differently though. Hopefully, with these tips, you can go from super virgin to super prepared audience member in no time. And remember, no granny panties!  

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