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Being a Professional Third Wheel

The weather is getting ever so slightly cooler and everyone is excited for the Holidays already.  Forget midterms, its cuffing season baby.  If you’re like me and don’t have the energy or time to start seriously talking to romantic interests, I bring you the ultimate list as to why being a professional third wheel is actually the greatest.  

First of all, becoming friends with your friend’s significant other is just adding one more person to the party, and the more the merrier right?  It’s like being Ted Mosby and having Marshal and Lily always there to hang out with.  Instead of feeling lonely, there is always company.

Sometimes you get invited on dates, and even sometimes you get your meal paid for! *gasp* How is free food and friends ever a bad thing?

It’s like having another set of parents that love you like you’re their own kid and bring you along everywhere.

Being a professional third wheel teaches many lessons too such as how to be a good mediator when a fight breaks out…

Or you can learn from your friends mistakes, and make list of exactly what you would want/need from a future relationship.

When times get tough you’ll have double the comfort

And in the end you’ll never feel lonely.  You have two awesome friends who love to hang out with you for who you are.  So when you see all those couple-y holiday photos, and everyone starts downloading Tinder, remember that you always have yourself, and your amazing friends to always be there for you.  The Spice Girls said it best…

Grace Burns is a 3rd year Senior at the University of Central Florida pursing her degree in Visual Art-Emerging Media Management.  When not home writing, going through photos of her dogs back home, or hanging out with her roommates, you can find her hitting the farmers market, or finding perfect spots to document for her Instagram. Grace one day hopes to use her studies in Emerging Media and her experience in writing with Her Campus to pursue a career in social networking related to branding or fashion journalism.  
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