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Being a Boy is Such a Drag

Who’s ready to serve some fierce REALness? This Saturday there will be a drag concert held by my very own friend, Mr. Miss Adrien Gemini (@MrMissADRiEN). The concert is called R.E.A.L., standing for Respect, Equality, Acceptance, and Love. Adrien will be doing all of the performing, accompanied by his crew of dancers. They will be performing what is described as “a thrilling medley of the biggest current pop hits.” Mr. Miss Adrien’s drag style is not something you see often in the drag scene. While Orlando’s reigning drag superstar, Roxxxy Andrews from the current season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, has a beauty queen style with big hair, big eyelashes, and even bigger breasts, Adrien describes his style as, “A revolutionary drag style that’s very gender ambiguous. It’s a happy medium between man and woman.”

Adrien started doing drag his junior year of high school. He said that the shoes are by far his favorite part, but the real reason he does it is to help people come out of their own shell and become who they really are. Lady Gaga is by far his biggest inspiration, and it shows in his fashion choices: rhinestone fishnets, tight corsets, leather, studs, and sky-high stilettos. Adrien’s personal touch is a signature pair of sunglasses and a rhinestone beauty mark placed right above the top lip. The fashion choices Adrien makes are my favorite part; the mix between masculinity and femininity is flawless. While you may not be a drag queen yourself, as a stylish collegiette there are many fashion pointers you can take from Mr. Miss Adrien. If Adrien can do high kicks in 6-inch heels, you can sure walk to class in them.

The best part about the concert is that, aside from the fantastic show you’re going to see, all of the proceeds are going to be donated to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Their mantra is “fighting for a braver, kinder future” by promoting self-acceptance, anti-bullying, and helping LGBTQ youth.

“I think drag culture is very interesting,” said Adrien. “I don’t not consider myself a part of it, there’s just a very negative and judgmental aura some people expect from drag queens – to be rude and a diva. I’m just trying to break that mold. That’s not what I’m all about.”

Adrien is an inspiration to all of us, whether you’re an aspiring drag queen or a stylish collegiette trying to get through your chem midterm.

“The name Mr. Miss is to show people that I’m gender ambiguous and don’t want to be labeled as a man or a woman,” said Adrien. “I’m just a being that symbolizes freedom and joy! Quote me on THAT!”

Adrien’s dream is to eventually work in Lady Gaga’s Haus of Gaga and to inspire youth everywhere to follow their dreams. All the while in flawless makeup and a pair of studded fishnets.  What’s more on point than that? R.E.A.L. will be held this Saturday, February 23rd, at 9pm in the Key West Ballroom on the UCF Main Campus. 

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