Basic White Girl's Survival Guide to Fall

We all have that basic white girl somewhere deep within us, and fall is just the season to bring her out. Here's a few rules to live by this fall season to make sure you're reaching your maximum level of basic! 

Rule #1:  Never leave home without your spirit jersey

Rule #2: When in doubt, Hunter boot it out.

Even if it’s not raining it’s never a bad time to wear your Hunters.

Rule #3: What are Hunter boots with out those super cute knee high socks peaking over the top?

Rule #4: If it doesn’t have pumpkin in it…you shouldn’t be drinking it.

Rule #5: Everyone knows the flannel is a basic staple of fall fashion.

Rule #6: In order to reach the maximum level of basic, make sure your monogrammed Longchamp is always at your side. 

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