Bar Manners: 10 Ways to Stay Classy at a Bar

Free cover until 11pm! Ladies drink free! 2-for-1 specialty drinks! Bars love to reel us in, and spit us out, dirty style.  College students are surrounded by an array of options to have a good, sometimes rough, night.  With flexible schedules, bars allow us to come and go almost every night of the week.  This can lead to nightly appearances and a reputation some would like to keep hidden.  At times our character and appearances at these magical places, become extremely out of control, and for what reason? 

We spend a good two hours showering, shaving, drying and curling our hair, putting on makeup that will soon drip off, and deciding on an outfit that we haven’t worn in the past week.  It takes a lot of energy to get ready and go out to a bar, but a lot of times all of this primping seems to go to waste when all you do is look like trash within the hour you are there! Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we let alcohol, boys, and music, turn us into un-lady like monsters?

Ladies, it is totally possible to have a fantastic night out, have a few drinks, and do some flirting, all in a classy manner!

1. Flirting is fun, but keep it to a minimum while you’re out! PDA can turn from cute, to gross in a matter of seconds! Be careful when making out with somebody; keep it G-rated, short, and sweet!

2. Keep your skirts and dresses below your booty! Save the underwear show for at home.

3. If you have a great body, proud of you, but you don’t need to be half naked to show it off.  Cut off shirts with serious cleavage and tiny shorts can scream trashy instead of sexy.  Let boys wonder what’s under those cute outfits! 

4. Fist pump, wave your hands, but do not throw your Greek letters in the air!

5. Yes it can be loud inside, but there is no reason to scream and shout constantly! It is obnoxious to others, and can easily bring the wrong attention to you.

6. Dancing with your girlfriends can be a blast, but there is no need to add a cheap surrounding.  Dancing on bars or tables, in cages, or around poles, is extremely unnecessary.

7. Whether it’s on a pole, or with a guy, dancing can cause some serious misinterpretations. When dancing with somebody, especially a guy, keep it somewhat dance floor appropriate opposed to bedroom appropriate! Super provocative, is super unappealing.

8.  Shots! Shots! Shots! No! No! No! Pounding down shots, taking or giving body shots, and just downing drinks like you just came from a horrible AA meeting, is not the classiest way to go about your night.  Girls will have little respect for you, and guys might look at you as an easy target for who knows what.

9. We all have nights where we drink a tad bit too much.  Accidently or on purpose, getting sick can creep up on you quicker than a bouncer can tell you to leave.  If you realize you may have to upchuck, leave the bar! Do not risk puking anywhere in the bar, on the bar, or around other people! Have your friends escort you to the nearest restroom, or car, and get on home to your porcelain throne!

10.  Beauty is pain, but so are high heels.  They look hot, match your outfit perfectly, and make you a good 6 inches taller, but if you cannot walk or stand in them for more than ten minutes, do not wear them out! Taking your shoes off anywhere in public is tasteless, and going barefoot at a bar not only looks ridiculous, but hello! GERMS! Keep your shoes on please.  Nobody wants to see you step in glass or anything else you may find on the floor of a bar.
It is possible to have a fun night while still abiding by these 10 bar commandments.  One of the best guilty pleasures of going out is making fun of girls who tend to make fools of themselves by doing exactly everything you shouldn’t. 

Remember, have fun, limit your drinks, don’t show everyone your goodies, and stay classy ladies!