Ariana Grande's Top 10 Best Songs

Ariana Grande has a total of 103 songs, including the ones she's featured in. Now (although I might one day, since she’s all I think about anyway), I didn’t go through all of them; just her six studio albums. That’s my only disclaimer. So, even though you didn’t ask, here’s an almost too carefully considered list of Ari’s top ten bops. 


  1. 1. Honeymoon Avenue

    This is the song that started it all for me. It gives me everything I want, and I’ve been singing along to it in the shower since I was 12 years old.  

  2. 2. Daydreamin'

    The piano, the vocals, her sultriness…yes, yes, yes. 

  3. 3. Best Mistake

    I will say that I wish there was no feature on this song. At the same time though, I get it. I just think the song is so raw and pretty!

  4. 4. Dangerous Woman

    Ariana Grande performing

    Do we even need to discuss this? This was such an era for Ari, and it brought out a whole new side of her as an artist. 


  5. 5. Be Alright

    Amazing, fantastic, phenomenal, muah, muah, muah! This song is a mood lifter, 100%.

  6. 6. raindrops (an angel cried)

    Ariana Blow Kiss

    She sits you down at the very beginning of Sweetener and she goes “listen to me.” And honestly? I’m so glad she does!

  7. 7. God is a woman

    God is a woman and her name is Ariana Grande! Everything about this song, from the video to the very ending vocals, is incredible. I think this is her step up from Dangerous Woman for sure.

  8. 8. imagine

    As you can tell, I love it when she sings to me. But also, I think it’s a great intro to such a groundbreaking album. Don’t get mad at me for saying that when you look at the rest of the list though, because trust me, I get it. My top five songs for 2020 were all off thank u, next.

  9. 9. love language

    SO GOOD. Positions is so hard to break down because of how new it is, but "love language" gets me dancing every time. I think it’s such a relatable message when you’re young and in love; it encapsulates that joy well. 

  10. 10. obvious

    This is a contender for best song on’s honestly just such a great song, and it makes me smile the second I hear her voice. The music gives it such a warming feeling, too. 

Feel free to disagree with me, but at the end of the day, this is just for fun! I hope you enjoyed going through this article and thinking up what Ariana songs make you happy that we exist at the same time as her.