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The Appeal of Logan Huntzberger

Every since Logan came into the Gilmore Girls universe in season five, I have liked him quite a lot. I was never a fan of his initial womanizing ways. Yet, as he and Rory become more serious about each other, Logan proved to be a great boyfriend. While I do not approve of where the GG revival took the characters’ romantic relationship, I still found myself rooting for both Logan and Rory to end up together. Especially since (*SPOILER ALERT!*) Rory may be pregnant with his baby! I find it hard in my idealistic heart for them to not end up together.

Let me walk you through why Logan has a special place in my heart.

1. He was Rory’s first serious boyfriend.

While Rory had dated Dean and Jess respectively before Logan, she had a very serious relationship with Logan. Rory moved in with him for a time. They vacationed together at one of Logan’s family vacation homes. Logan asked Lorelai for permission to marry Rory. Logan then proposed. Overall, this was a really mature relationship for them to have during college. As a college student watching those last couple of seasons, I envied what they had and longed to have a serious relationship myself.

2. Rory knew where she stood with him always.

With the exception of Dean during the first season, Rory tended to be on rocky grounds with her boyfriends. Logan was always honest with Rory, whether that was during his first season or in the revival episodes. Rory understood where they were. Jess and married Dean messed with Rory’s brain a lot and as a viewer, that was frustrating to watch. With Logan, it was a calmer experience in regards to the flow of their relationship.

3. He took care of Rory.

Throughout the series, Logan proved to be a rock for Rory. He would help her in times of need, like when Paris kicked Rory out of their apartment and Logan invited Rory to move in with him. He hasn’t changed one bit in this respect in the revival. When Rory (*SPOILER ALERT*) confided in him that she was feeling lost, Logan put together a spontaneous Life and Death Brigade night to cheer her up. Those kinds of gestures melt my heart and make me Team Logan most of the time. He does this so effortlessly and I know it makes Rory feel special.

4. He supports her dreams.

Logan isn’t intimated by Rory’s big dreams. He supports her a great deal of the time, doing what he can to help her achieve his dreams. In the revival (*SPOILER ALERT*), Rory’s meeting with Condé Nast kept getting delayed. In an effort to help, Logan offered to use his father’s connections to help get things moving along quicker. While there was a conflict of interest for Rory in this situation, the general thought and intentions were well-placed and appreciated. I find this trait in logan very sweet. 

5. He is SOOO handsome.

This one is a little vain, but let’s be honest. The man is a fine man. He was sculpted by God and I enjoy his beauty and glorious shirtless moments. Plus, Rory and he are the cutest! Hopefully, we get more of sexy Logan in the future! If not, reruns will have to do.

Well, I hope that if you are Team Dean or Team Jess you now can see the Logan perspective more clearly. By no means do I think Logan is perfect, but I am a big fan of the character. If the series continues and they move Rory and Logan to a healthier place, (*SPOILER ALERT*), plus impending parenthood, I would love to see them end up together. 


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