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Amy Schumer For President

With the presidential election right around the corner, it seems as though things are getting a bit out of hand. Kanye is still claiming to be running in 2020Jimmy Fallon played a better Donald Trump than Donald Trump himself, a 15 year old boy under the name “Deez Nuts” won 9 percent of the vote in North Carolina, and Jeb Bush is selling what he calls a “Guaca Bowle” on his campaign website (seriously, check it out here for a whopping $75). But, I think it’s time we all acknowledge who it is that should really be the man (or woman) sitting in the Oval Office: Amy Schumer.


Let’s start out with the obvious fact that if Amy Schumer were to be the president of the United States, there’s a very good chance that Amy Poehler would be her Vice President. Who run the world? The Amys.


If things were to get too stressful on the job, Amy would surely know how to relax herself so that she could tackle the next big issue.


Amy would also start a foundation to prevent “at-risk-chins.” This would support a controversial issue that I know I personally would benefit from.

(skip to 2:18)


She would also be an incredibly caring person and compassionate leader. Amy recently set up a GoFundMe page for her best friend’s daughter who was born with Spina Bifida.



Amy Schumer is never afraid to call out the obvious male double standard, which is an issue our country could use a few lessons on.


She has openly expressed her extreme disliking of selfie sticks, and would most likely place a nation wide ban on the unnecessary tool that makes you look like a tourist no matter where you go; this is something many of us have been praying for.

(skip to :53 seconds)


Presidents receive a myriad of criticism every day, but Amy wouldn’t let those comments bring her down.


Similar to our current first lady, Michelle Obama, she understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.


I mean really, think of all the great new lunch options she would have for high school students all across America!


She is a woman of pure grace and poise, just as a president should be, as shown here on the red carpet:


She’s unapologetically ambitious, while maintaining a perfect amount of humility.


Amy is always keen on the important up and coming social issues and trends going on in the world.


And lastly, I’ll just leave this here: 






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