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Advice on How to Spend Valentines Day

 I really wanted to write an article about Valentine’s Day. I’m not so sure why because for the most part I usually spend it alone stuffing my face with chocolate, buried in a book or even better fast asleep.  However, if James Franco begged to take me out, I wouldn’t dare say no. Yes, I know that Valentine’s Day is also noted as “National Single Awareness Day” or “I’m going to celebrate even if I’m oblivious to what actually happened to St. Valentine’s Day”.  

Truth be told, there are a lot of opinions about Valentines Days, so many that it can actually become overwhelming. Different opinions formulate from different people and I have narrowed to it down to the three types of people I encountered every single year around Valentine’s Day. Here’s a little advice for “The Lover”, “The Single” and my all-time favorite “The one who doesn’t care”.

For lover: Most likely the lover believes “why not go all out if you love someone, who cares what others think?” I agree, who cares? Try not to do something so cliché. Choose to do something clever, thoughtful that could make this day stand out from all the rest. It’s the thought that counts after all.

For the single:  If this day really gets to you, don’t spend it alone. Keep yourself busy with close friends or family. The significance of love cannot be placed on one day. Don’t over think it because you have the rest of the year full of greater days.

For the one who doesn’t care: Try not to bash others who actually do care. News flash no one cares that you don’t care. Spend the day doing what you want and allow others to celebrate freely.

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Let us know! 

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