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5 Study Spots at UCF for Finals Week

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As a junior, I’ve been through a couple of rounds of finals. I’ve found that I’m not the biggest fan of studying at my apartment, so I’ve spent quite some time on campus, leading me to find some new spots to study. Since finals week is right around the corner, here are a few study spots on the UCF campus that you might not know about.

John C. Hitt Library

Ok, so this one is not so hidden, but it’s definitely a gem and personally my favorite. The 4th floor is dead quiet, which is a little intimidating, so naturally, I avoided it for a while. But the library has been under construction for a bit, and when I naturally migrated from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor I eventually discovered the Gallery room. It’s truly been life-changing, and now I practically live there. The Gallery room is a big room with large windows and long wooden tables in the center. It’s basically a Hogwarts dream. So if you’re looking for somewhere you can concentrate that has major Harry Potter vibes, this is the spot for you.

The Burnett Honors College

Complete transparency, I am not in the Honors College, and I don’t know if I’m allowed to be there, but I love it. It’s a small spot, but it’s so peaceful and beautiful. To name a few pros: they have the comfiest couches, some great art on display, and they’re almost always playing a movie if you want some background entertainment. What really gets me is the outdoor area. Outside they have a garden with so much greenery, more seating options and a koi pond. Yes, a koi pond. Overall, it’s the coziest spot where you can step away from the hectic side of campus for a bit. 

The Pop Parlour

If you love working in cute, homey and aesthetic cafes, this one’s for you. As much as I love the library, it’s nice to work somewhere outside of school, and the Pop Parlour is just that. It’s a study space away from “school buildings” but still on campus. You’re surrounded by plants, coffee, snacks and good vibes altogether. What else can you ask for? P.S. I highly recommend their matcha lemonade if you’re looking for something earthy and refreshing.

Tech Commons

Honestly, the only reason I first went to Tech Commons was that they closed the Café Bustelo in the student union and opened one there. But it has not been disappointing! For starters, they have couches and play Cartoon Network all day which is a nice distraction from studying. The smell of coffee and the snake plants lined up against the window make the space feel really cozy, and the noise level is just right. I mainly go for the coffee, but it makes it feel like home. 


You can’t go wrong with being outside. Sometimes, especially during finals, when it gets rough, you just need to get some fresh air and surround yourself with nature. UCF has tons of open space, so just pick a shady spot, and relax for a bit and get some work done. I especially love sitting by the reflection pond during sunset, but really any patch of green does it for me. It may seem silly but being outside just helps clear the mind sometimes, and it’s very much needed.

These little spots really bring me so much joy and make UCF feel like a home away from home. Finals week can definitely be a tough time but remember to get out there, get a change of scenery and try something new. Good luck and happy finals week!

Alexandra is a junior at the University of Central Florida, originally from Miami, Florida. She is majoring in Graphic Design and loves photography. When she's not at the beach, you can find her cooking, reading or binging New Girl for the 100th time.
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