9 Carry-On Essentials for Your Summer Travels

Traveling is already stressful enough - between trying to fit everything into one suitcase and making sure you have all the necessary paperwork, there's always something to forget. Making sure you have a few essentials with you in your carry-on will help make your travel a breeze:  

Lip Balm

Even when not traveling, us girls (and guys) can always use a hydrating lip balm. With the recycled plane air, it's important to keep your lips moisturized throughout the flight to make sure they still look plump and dewy when landing.

Portable charger

Since no one can live without their phones anymore, we lose our minds when its battery dies. Thankfully, the world has portable chargers. If you're not lucky enough to have outlets on your flight, making sure you have a portable charger will save you on long-haul flights. 


Since all this rain is hitting Florida and ruining our planned beach days, you may forget that it can be nice and sunny when traveling abroad! And after spending hours in a plane and indoors, your eyes may take a while to adjust to the intense sunlight. Plus, having one pair of sunglasses for every planned outfit calls for a killer outfit of the day Instagram post! 


As hot and humid as it is outside, airplanes are always cold on the inside. And if you don’t end up getting cold, don’t worry - you can still use it as a blanket/pillow for your in-flight or layover nap. #lifehacks

Book, Magazine, or iPad

Being bored is never fun. Being bored for three-plus hours is low-key torture. Airplane rides are always more fun when you have some form of entertainment. Whether that's scrolling through your phone, watching a movie/TV show or reading a book and magazine, it feels nice disconnect from the internet and entertain yourself the old-school way.


For college kids, headphones are life savers. If you’re bored during a lecture - pop your headphones in. Cramming for quiz - headphones. Studying on the first floor of the library - headphones. Earbuds or headphones can help you zone out on a flight, and obviously allow you to watch your downloaded films and shows.

Gum & Candy

Chewing on a wad of Hubba Bubba bubble gum is the ultimate cure for popped ears. Being high up in the air can affect people in different ways, but making sure you are constantly chewing on something will help ease the ear pain. Some tasty options are bubble gum, Starbursts or Sour Patch Kids!

Cozy socks

Wearing slides or sandals through security makes the experience easier, especially for international flights. But the best part is taking them off on board and putting on cozy socks!

Antibacterial Wipes

For obvious reasons, it's always hygienic to wipe down the airplane seat before you get comfortable. Not only do you not know who was sitting there before, but again, the recycled plane air is a feeding ground for bacteria. Plus, the last thing you want is to be sick on vacation.

With these carry-on essentials, your summer 'vacay' is bound to be a breeze. Bon voyage!

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