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8 Ways to Brighten Up a Boring Dorm Room

As a freshman in college, decorating your dorm room seems like one of the most important things. You want it to look great, but also be a comfortable place to live for a year. With these ideas, your dorm is sure to be admired when your friends come to visit.

1. Come up with a theme for your room. Whether it be a color or style, try and come up with something that would be easy to tie in throughout your room


2. Start with a plain, full length mirror, and paint it a color to match your theme. Add some style to it and incorporate fake flowers, which can be bought at any local craft store.


3. Take a plain white wall, for instance. Print out a bunch of fun pictures with family and friends, and organize them in a unique pattern (like a heart or circle). This takes up a lot of plain wall space, and adds a splash of color to your room! This idea also serves as a reminder of all your fun memories.


4.  In order to have a fun dorm room, it’s pretty important to stay organized. Over-the-door storage is a must. This can be used to store snacks, jewelry, shoes, or anything you’d like!


5. If you’re staying organized, why not display your jewelry at the same time? A cork board covered in fabric is a great place to rest necklaces, so that you always know where they are and this gives visitors the opportunity to see your style.


6.  Now we can’t forget about putting something above your bed! A common trend for dorms is wooden monograms painted in a color to match your theme. Some decide to use posters instead, but it’s always good to have something eye-catching above your bed.


7.  In addition to looking good, your dorm needs to be a good place to do school work. Create a board with a calendar to mark important events. This can be another place to tie in the colors you want throughout your room.


8.  Of course, most importantly, the main eye-catcher in a bedroom is the bed itself! Your bedding should be fun, but fitting to your personality. Another easy way to add more detail to your dorm is to add lots of fun throw pillows!


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