Home Sweet Dorm-Tips to turn your dorm from plain to style insane!

Original article written by Brittany Kent


Tip 1: Know your style! Whether you are simple and quaint or over the top and fabulous, there are always ways to express yourself through your décor! Keep in mind that your dorm room should be like your fashion sense, it should reflect your personality!


Tip 2: Hang it up! We all know that those plain white walls can get boring and make you feel like your living inside a prison cell, so why not dress them up? There are so many stores that sell gorgeous wall décor! They have fan posters, inspiring quote posters, actual artwork and so much more! The more the homier! I personally have a poster right by my door that says “BeYOUtiful” that I read everyday before I venture off into the college world. Find what speaks to you!


Tip 3: Decorate your mirror! Now I know most girls have a mirror in their dorm rooms, it’s a necessity! But have you ever considered making it your own? My mirror is bedazzeled with jewels and flowers all over. Pinterest has many great ideas on how to give your mirror some life and give you a new perspective on checking out that daily outfit before you head out!


Tip 4: Bring on the memories! Living away from home is a difficult task! The homesickness sets in and your missing home. Some great ways to cure the homesickness and bring on the smiles are pictures! There are many different unique ways to keep memories alive on the walls of your dorm room.  My favorite way is a picture college. There are so many different orders and styles that the pictures can be organized in, so get creative with it!


Tip 5: Sleep in style! Invest in a bed set that is going to make you feel stylish and make you feel cuddly while you sleep! Keep in mind that even the most fashionable comforters can be uncomfortable! Buy one that is going to make you happy visually and happy to get into bed at night!


Tip 6: A splash of color to bring the end of summer! Functionality can still be fabulous! When you plan on getting items such as storage units, stands, desk lamps, etc., make it fun! Instead of boring white, go for the neon colors! Most dorm and housing sections of stores have cute décor that is easy to score!


Tip 7: Light it up! A really clever décor idea no matter what your fashion sense is, is lights! The clear Christmas lights (That are on sale now and after Christmas!) make a beautiful and style savvy addition to any room. Hang them on the ceiling, on the walls, on your door frame, wherever you want to see a little more light and sparkle!


Tip 8: Have fun with it! This place is yours! You have the main say in how this room is going to look. This process should not be stressful! Make it into something that is going to make YOU happy. You don’t have to follow all the trends, you do however have to follow your style heart!