8 Reasons To Love Pharrell (As Learned By The Voice)

You may know him as the guy with the big hat who sings that Happy song but let me tell you Pharrell Williams is more than just a happy guy in an oversized hat.


Since Pharrell joined the hit show The Voice as a coach, I, along with millions of people across America, have discovered a new found love for him. If you don't watch The Voice (you should, it's awesome) here are the top five reasons I've learned from the show to love Pharrell!

1. He is extremely nice!

The coaches on The Voice are known for their playful banter. But in Pharrell's case he doesn't say anything mean. He understands who he is up against and always explain why each one of his fellow coaches would be an excellent pick as a mentor. He's such a sweetie!

2. He stands up for what he believes in.

Literally. He is always standing up for artists he likes on The Voice. His legs must be so tired.

3.He is crazy talented. (Learned more from his career than The Voice but still...)

Not only is Pharrell Williams a singer, he is a songwriter, musician, producer, rapper, and a fashion designer. He has worked with so many stars in the music industry, including his fellow Voice coach Gwen Stefani. He has won seven Grammys, that's right lucky number 7, and is the man behind the hits that you love to jam out to such as "I'm a Slave 4 U," "Hot in Herre," and "Get Lucky."

4. He has a "Boo-mance" with Gwen Stefani.

Now that Gwen and Pharrell are coaches on the Voice together you can tell they are besties. They even call each other "boo."

5. He's got style.

You might question this due to his forest ranger look on several award shows but he really does have a good fashion sense. He wears big hats, yes. But he takes risks and expresses himself through his clothes. A singer on The Voice even chose Pharrell as a coach based solely on the fact that he has great style.

6. He's funny!

He's one of those undercover funny guys. He seems so serious then all of a sudden he makes a joke!

7. He is very inspirational.

Pharrell is one of the most compassionate, motivational, and uplifting coaches that has ever been on The Voice. If someone doesn't make it on the show or to the next round he makes sure to point out their strengths and encourage them to keep going. He even consoled one of Adam's team members who was balling after he got cut in the battle rounds.



8. He's a cutie!

Last but certainly not least, how could you not love that face?