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7 Types of Lecture Hall Students

The Talkative Teacher’s Pet
Front row, bright eyed, and WAY too into whatever jokes the teacher weaves into her lectures. This girl will laugh louder than everyone in the lecture hall combined at whatever the teacher says and is happy to interject loudly into the lesson uninvited from her front row seat. 
The Tab-Jumping Guy
It doesn’t matter who’s sitting behind him, this student will use the laptop he “brought for notes” to stalk his latest crush on Facebook, check scores on ESPN, look at the latest Chubbies, scroll through TFM articles, basically anything BUT take notes. You wonder why he even took the time to leave the comfort of his own home to do all of this. 
The Take-it-all-in Guy
Front row seat, but unlike Teacher’s Pet, he stays silent. His backpack is under his chair and he’s attentive, but don’t ask to copy his notes because he doesn’t have any. While you’re busy trying to write everything before the slide changes, Take-it-all-in Guy just sits there. Listening. How does he do it? 
Ms. Come-and-Go
Class starts at 3:15? Ya it’s whatever , just show up at 3:30. Oh you’re leaving early too? After already disappearing twice in the time you have been here? Well okay. Teachers don’t know what to make of this student. Occasionally the professor might make a comment afterwards, but usually a quizzical glance is sufficient. 
Snapchat Queen
This girl’s snapchat score is in like the 60,000s and there’s no question why. You can spot her in the crowd with ease, contorting her face for the perfect hilarious snapchat to her best friend from home, or rapidly retaking the perfect one to send to her crush while still looking like she didn’t try. 
The Always-Absent
His iClicker has been in the hands of a close friend since the first day of class , he’s never seen the book and       you’re constantly left wondering if he is, indeed enrolled in the class until he shows up on the next test day. 
The Best Friends
These two have made their schedules together every semester since freshman year. They sit together everyday and they come as a  package deal, if one can’t come then how can the other possibly make it through the day? Don’t even try with these two, they already have a study buddy.
Nichole is a junior at UCF majoring in Advertising/ Public relations who loves that tweeting is a huge part of her job description. Hobbies include stealing way too many free mints from restaurants, incorporating song lyrics into everyday conversation and becoming way too attached to TV series on Netflix. She hopes to one day become ridiculously famous for doing nothing like the Kardashians if the whole "get-married-to-Zac-Efron" thing doesn't pan out. Follow her on Instagram&Twitter @nicholesantana because she solemnly swears to never post a #SelfieSunday or #MCM. 
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