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The 7 Types of Girls You Meet At A Halloween Party

Halloween is the perfect excuse for girls to dress a little sexier than they usually would. It’s a time where everyone’s creativity truly shines and hilarious costumes come about. However, there are some girls that rely on the more classic looks. Here are just a few girls that you’ll always find at a Halloween party.

1.The Bunny

There’s always that one girl dressed as a revealing bunny who’s trying way too hard to look like the hottest girl in her friend group. She is usually wearing heels too high for her to walk in comfortably and is likely to be the first girl to hook-up with someone at the party.

2.The School Girl

Next we have the sultry school girl. Known as one of the more classic looks, the school girl is always a good move when trying to impress someone A.S.A.P. The school girl at the party is obsessed with taking the perfect picture to post on Instagram to prove to her ex that breaking up with her was a mistake. Let’s not forget the classic hashtag #D’sGetDegrees.

3.Over-Sized Football Jersey Girl

I can guarantee there is at least 3 of these girls at the next Halloween house party. The football jersey girl is a bit more complex than the other costumes because she has a very specific personality. This is the girl that LOVES bringing up the fact that she has a boyfriend. Anyone that asks her anything about her jersey, she will most definitely respond along the lines of “I don’t like football this is my boyfriend’s.” Fellas, if you see a football Jersey girl at a party, do not go for it unless you want to hear about her boyfriend’s favorite football team.

4.The Devil and Angel Duo

The devil and angel duo is a perfect partnered costume. If you ever find a devil walking around a party, she is not alone. Her trusty angel will try to cock-block you two the entire party so she doesn’t need to reject you herself. When asking the angel and devil about their costumes, you will most likely hear one of them say, “I had to be the devil because my best friend is way nicer than I am!”

5.The Kitty

This is one of the oldest costumes in the book. If you ever spot a kitten at a party, then just know she was totally stressed out an hour before she showed up. This is the costume that is everyone’s LAST resort. This is when a girl has frantically tried on every article of clothing in her room an hour before the party and uttered the words “screw-it” and put on some cat ears and walked out of the door.


6.The Cop

This is a perfect “good girl gone bad” type of look. Any girl wearing this costume is almost always one of the first girls to black out. If you ever lose her at the party she is definitely screaming the lyrics to the songs being played and she will wait all night to use her handcuffs to “arrest” you.

7.The Bloody Vampire

And finally, my personal favorite: the vampire. The girl dressed as a bloody vampire only needs two things to perfect her costume: fangs and blood. She will always place the fake blood right on her chest, but her fangs are not placed as easily. The vampire at the party is the girl that sucks the life out of the place. She is almost always complaining about her fangs being uncomfortable to wear and how she can’t finish her drink while wearing them.

Try finding these girls at your next Halloween party and see if they live up to the standards!

Shelly is a junior studying Human Communications while minoring in Writing/Rhetoric at UCF. She is bilingual in both English and Hebrew. Besides writing, one of her many passions is theatre. You'll almost always find her singing and being the most dramatic person in the group! 
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