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With Tinker Field only being a short drive away, many UCF students will spend this weekend with some of the worlds most famous DJs from dawn to dusk. If spending more than one hundred dollars on a ticket is not enough motivation to make these two days unforgettable, I do not know what is (we are all broke and it is a lot of money, ok). Before you throw on your flower halo and CamelBak, make sure to follow these seven steps to making these two days ones to remember.

1. Don’t Be A Wandering Wonder

Make sure to stay with the group you came with and to use the buddy system if you leave to get water, use the restroom, sit down, etc. If you are making a totem or brining a pool noodle to keep track of everyone make sure to follow the official guidelines on the EDC website. Set up meeting points for throughout the day and exit time.

2. Staying Hydrated And Safe Is Key

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. There are free hydration stations and vendors placed throughout the grounds to purchase water. If you are not feeling 100% do not hesitate to visit a medical station or find a medical staff member that will be walking around in uniform.

3. Keeping A Schedule Isn’t Lame

In such large crowds, the chance of having Internet access is slim to none. Keep a copy of the schedule (with stages) of the day in your bag or pocket incase Google isn’t accessible. Alternatively, take a screenshot on your phone for quick access. Missing your favorite sets would be unfortunate.

4. Dress Comfortable

Days are long and the last thing you want to be an hour into the festival is uncomfortable. During the day on Friday and Saturday it is expected to be in the 70’s, at night the 50’s. Dress according to weather and wear close-toed shoes. When it comes to shoes, remember, sneakers > combat boots, ladies. Dancing in boots won’t be easy and your feet will be screaming at you within no time. Along with being comfortable, remember to not care what others think. EDC is judgment free so wear the craziest costume you can create. The uniqueness of the people who attend is truly what makes this experience one of a kind.

5. You Minus Phone Equals Yes

Yes, girls, I know you want your Insta post to reach 100 likes. You want all the videos and photos you possible can to relive your memories. But, remember to put the phone down. Do not get so caught up in social media and forget to soak up where you are. This event only happens once a year in our city and you do not want to look back and not remember living it up. Take a few photos but make sure to not watch your entire night through a camera lens.

6. Wristbandin’ It

Upon activation, your wristband acts is your admission into the festival and your bank account. All purchases, including food, drinks, lockers, apparel, etc., will be made with Daisy Dollars. One U.S. dollar = one daisy dollar. Be sure to take care of your bracelet, as it cannot be replaced. Also, remember to bring identification as well. EDC is 18+.

7. Make It Memorable

Do not turn down going on a ride just because the line looks as if it goes on for a mile, or constantly travel from stage to stage because you cannot get through the crowd. Make these two music filled days the best you possibly can no matter what.

Visit: http://orlando.electricdaisycarnival.com for all information!

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