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7 Signs It’s Not a Hoax and He’s Actually a Keeper

Isn’t it funny how once you finally start to really like a guy, you get, well… confused? After spending time with someone who ended up being a complete waste of your time, it can be hard to fully trust a new potential S.O. Listen up as I reveal seven surefire signs that you’ve got yourself someone worthwhile (or at least a little while longer than usual).  

1. He asks if you got home safely.

He walks you out to your car, and as he’s telling you goodnight he says “text or call me when you make it home.” Though it may not seem like a big deal, this is definitely a subtle way a guy can show he has some genuine care for you.

2. He acts on the little things you say.

Last week you mentioned how you’ve been craving a Pub Sub, so today he shows up to pick you up from class with your favorite cold cut. He wants to see you happy and doesn't mind going out of his way to do so. Not only is he listening, but he’s putting your words into action.

3. He still gets nervous around you.

Sometimes you catch him staring, you still see him break a sweat and he still takes the time to painstakingly plan out your dates. He acts this way because he still wants to impress you. In his mind, every move he makes matters until he’s sure he’s secured his place with you. After that, he’ll probably start messing up (just kidding).

4. He tells people about you.

He isn’t just telling his friends about the cute new girl he’s talking to, but he’s telling his family as well when he mentions you in everyday conversation. It’s because he sees you being a part of his life long term. He wants his inner circle to know who you are because he sees you as one of them. He wants you to be on their level.

5. He takes you places.

He doesn’t shy away from calling you up and asking you to go out and do something. When your guy does this, it shows that he wants to spend time with you and has nothing to hide. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who are in relationships but still seeking out other romantic interests. Shocking right? Of course, this isn’t a 100% foolproof way of knowing if he’s being completely honest, but it’s a good start.

6. He’s always willing to help.

He found out you have a big test, an eight-page paper, and a project you’ve been working on for your internship all due in the next few days. He offers to help you study, proofread your paper and bring you coffee while you work all night. He cares about your success and doesn’t want to see you struggle. He’s in it for the long run.

7. He isn’t afraid to make it official.

Whenever you find a guy who isn’t afraid to actually call you his girlfriend, you can usually consider him pretty special. This is a big thing for our generation. Permanence is scary and nowadays, putting a real label on something is a sign of true commitment.

Don’t mess this up for yourself. Too many times, we let the good ones get away while we entertain the foolery of guys who suck. Take time to realize the little things the man in your life (or one who wants to be) is doing that you normally may take for granted.

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Though there may not be a long drive between the beaches of Safety Harbor and Orlando, Florida, Austin surely has come a long way. Now a senior studying Ad/PR at the University of Central Florida, she first discovered her love for writing and design after being editor-in-chief of The Pride Yearbook at Countryside High School. Since coming to UCF as a freshman in 2015, Austin has truly discovered what it means to be a Knight. She loves getting involved on campus with UCF orgs such as the 2017 Orientation Team, Quotes (the PR club), She’s the First and of course Her Campus UCF. When she’s out of class, you can find Austin journaling, working in the Adobe Creative Suite, volunteering at the local Boy’s & Girl’s Club, or scrolling through Pinterest.
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