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7 Reasons Sabrina the Teenage Witch Will Be a Great Addition to The CW’s Riverdale

Recently KJ Apa, who currently plays the red-headed hottie Archie Andrews on The CW’s Riverdale, mentioned that the character Sabrina Spellman of Sabrina the Teenage Witch would appear on the show at some point. This was further explored when showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hinted that she could even pop up in this current season.

As a long time fan of this blonde witch and all her friends and family, her possible introduction to The CW’s latest hit show brings me a lot of joy. But if you’re not totally convinced as to why she should appear, here are seven wonderfully witchy reasons.

1.     She’s an established character in her own right.

Since arriving on the Archie scene in the 60s, Sabrina Spellman has grown into a brand all her own. First with her own comic series, various cartoon incarnations, and especially the live action sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart. She’s so well established few people know of her humble beginnings in the world of Archie Andrews.


2.     Weird stuff goes on around her all the time.

This is kind of a given seeing as she is a witch and a teenage one at that. Riverdale has only just begun its first season, which means the adventure and mystery and wildness is in its earliest stage. Adding in Sabrina will bring a whole new set of insane plots for the characters to maneuver through.



3.     They can play with the “Is she really a witch?” Storyline

Since Riverdale is taking a modern and realistic approach to the goofier source material it would make sense if Sabrina wasn’t a real witch. But that doesn’t mean they can’t keep us guessing or throwing us through a loop and making her an actual witch. It’ll bring an interesting dynamic to the show to say the least.


4.     They can make her evil, if not a little antagonistic.

Having an evil Sabrina would definitely be a cool addition to the show. If not that, then maybe a Sabrina who’s spells cause devastation? One who can’t stand Archie and the gang? The options are endless.


5.     They can make her aunts evil, if not a little antagonistic.

On the flip side of the previous, making her aunts typical wicked witches has been done, but that doesn’t make it bad. Evil Hilda and Zelda with a Sabrina worried about the safety of her friends might be just what the show needs.


6.     Much like Archie, she’s gotten a darker and edgier spin put on her story in recent years.

In the same way Archie was given a darker revamp in Afterlife with Archie, Sabrina got a creepy horror update in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Riverdale is not all rainbows and happiness, so adding a less than cheery Sabrina wouldn’t be a stretch.


7.     She practically lives right next door already.

Remember when Cheryl Blossom mentioned Greendale being on the other side of the river? That is Sabrina’s established hometown in the comics. She’s already so close so why not? Besides she can get packed faster than the average girl anyway, she could be in Riverdale in no time at all.


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