The 7 Friends You Meet the First Month of College

As told by the seven dwarfs because nothing screams college like a bunch of fools living together.

1) Happy

The overenthusiastic college student who is super excited to be at their dream school!! Nothing is getting in their way as they work their way to the top. They will be your best friend as the fill your life with positivity before the crushing reality of becoming an adult sets in. College is the best four years of your life and you best believe they make that known.

2) Sneezy


The one kid in your building who brought the plague from home during move-in weekend. You've never heard their real voice because they are so stuffed up, but the sound of their cough haunts your nightmares. No one has actually been brave enough to meet them yet, in fear of getting sick, but legend has it that they get this ill every year. Stay away from at all costs, unless you too want to enter the endless cycle of "seasonal allergies" that span across all four seasons.

3) Sleepy


Only two hours of class a day? That means 22 hours of sleep for them. You'll be lucky if you see their face. Bonus points if you hold a conversation with them. (Alternative persona: The One Who Never Sleeps. Up at all hours of the night, where 4 am becomes "early", and 11 am is bedtime. And by bedtime, we mean a 20 minute power nap to keep them rejuvenated for the next seven days. Are we concerned for them? Kinda. Are we proud of them for pursuing their nocturnal dreams? Of course.)

4) Dopey


The one everyone questions on how they got into college in the first place. They may have the book smarts to keep them going, but lack brain cells in the common sense department. Yet have no fear, this person provides endless entertainment and endless laughs. Use their stupidity to your advantage to make sure you don't make the same mistakes. College is a learning experience and even the dopiest teach you valuable life lessons.

5) Grumpy

The one who let's the stress get to them before reality even sets in. They are overcome by the weight of their personal world on their shoulders, and let it affect them personally.  They enter a state of confusion and set themselves far apart from the rest of the world. Mood decreased and any interactions with them just leads to an uncomfortable situation.

6) Bashful


The one people talk about, but is never around. They spend lots of time alone in their dorm, yet still experience fomo. Not to be confused with Sleepy, who makes the conscious decision to ignore people, Bashful just doesn't know how to make the proper connections needed to succeed socially. Mission: Break Bashful Out of Their Shell is a go, as we look out for their best interest in having a good time.

7) Doc

The leader of the friend group that makes sure everyone is taken care of at the end of the day. They clean up the messes and tie together the family. Some call them mom, some call them dad, but in all of our hearts, we know they are there for us during all our highs and lows. 

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