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7 Dog Breeds You’re Probably Overlooking

Everyone loves dogs. Who can resist their cuddly fur and precious faces? We see them everywhere, too! We’re always scrolling through pictures of all the cute Corgis on Corgi Beach Day and videos of goofy Golden Retrievers, and the more adventurous of us don’t shy away from petting that adorable Aussie at the farmers’ market. It seems, though, that among the mass of attention towards Bulldogs, Labradors, and Huskies, some pups get left out from all the love! Here’s a list of dogs whose cuteness should not be overlooked:


Mastiffs are big, bold dogs with floppy faces and a laid back personality. They come in all shapes, too. There’s a type for everyone! Bullmastiffs, English mastiffs, French mastiffs, Tibetan mastiffs… the list of types to fall in love with goes on. My personal favorite is the Neapolitan Mastiff—just look at those wrinkles!


You might recognize this breed because Florida recently voted to end Greyhound racing. This means that there are tons of Greyhounds available for adoption in Florida. You might think that a racing dog needs a lot of exercise, but on the contrary, these dogs are actually total couch potatoes! Often lovingly called “iggies” by Greyhound enthusiasts, they love to snuggle with their humans. And their dainty, doe-like demeanor makes these pups even more adorable! Don’t forget about the iggies when looking for a best friend!

Great Danes

The gentle giant, the Apollo of dogs—the regal, majestic, and of course huge Great Dane is impossible to ignore! Despite its size, this breed needs a surprisingly normal amount of food and exercise. This is probably because they spend the majority of their time lounging around! Great Danes are also fiercely loyal, they’re up for anything as long as they get to do it with their person. What are you gonna do, say no to those droopy eyes and giant paws?

Staffordshire Terriers

Staffordshire… they just look like pitbulls, right? That’s because “pitbull” isn’t technically a breed; dogs labeled as pitbulls are actually often Staffordshire Bull Terriers (“staffies”) and American Staffordshire Terriers (“amstaffs”). These sturdy, starry-eyed dogs may have a bad rap, but you’ll find that they’re only guilty of aggressively wagging their tails and attacking you with kisses! Staffies are even called the nanny dog because they are so gentle and affectionate towards kids and families. All they need is proper training! Plus, don’t they just look like adorable little land seals?


It’s easy to love breeds with distinct characteristics, but you can only really adopt purebred dogs through breeders. If you choose to rescue, chances are you’ll be coming home with a mutt. Don’t scoff! Not only is this the most humane route, but mutts are typically much healthier long-term than purebreds. Most importantly, you get to have a truly special buddy! He’ll have a look and personality unlike any other, and you’ll get to be the one to appreciate his uniqueness. How cool is that?

Senior Dogs

This isn’t exactly a breed, but we can’t forget our older fur babies! Yes, puppies are adorable, but they are also a lot of time and energy. If you are looking for a low-maintenance snuggle buddy over a jogging partner, a senior dog is your perfect match. Their favorite activities are sleeping, eating, and cuddling— just like you, I bet! And don’t get me started on how cute their grey muzzles are. A senior dog might be exactly what you are looking for.

CCI Dogs

This next one isn’t really a breed either, or even a dog you can adopt. So what the heck are CCI dogs? CCI stands for Canine Companions for Independence, and it’s a program that trains pups to grow into assistance dogs! You may have seen them trotting around campus in adorable yellow capes. That’s because members of the UCF student organization, STEP (Service-Dog Education and Training Program) work with CCI to train some of their dogs! We receive them when they are just a few months old and train them until they “graduate,” which takes about a year and a half. So not only are they cute puppies, but they’re cute puppies with a major purpose! What’s not to obsess over?

I think we can now confirm that all dogs are completely lovable, no matter how big or wrinkly. While it may be true that no one can resist the cuteness of a lil’ wiggle-butt Corgi, don’t forget to obsess over our other furry friends! If you think you are ready to adopt a best friend, remember that any dog of any breed or age could be the one. Let’s give every pup the love, attention and chance they deserve!

Chrissy is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Journalism and Legal Studies. She intends to use her voice to advocate for feminist values and progressive change. Before attending UCF, Chrissy resided in her hometown of Johnson City, TN, and served as an active duty Air Force medic. Now, when she isn't studying, she can most likely be found at a local political rally or grubbing on some form of dessert. If you want to see more of Chrissy, follow her on Instagram @chrissyportwine.
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