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7 Chic & Trendy Gifts Under $35 I Might Just Get for Myself

There’s no doubt that this year has been a whirlwind of stress and shockers left and right, so yes, we are going to indulge in retail therapy. And yes, this may be a list of everything in my shopping cart waiting to be checked out.

Smiley Socks

I mean, come on. These socks are fun, comfy, cheap and they make you happy.

Birthdate Candles

This candle is a great personalized gift (there’s one for every birthday of the year) that doubles as adorable room decor. Win-win!

Yin and Yang Purse

Not a want, but a NEED! This fuzzy purse is a great gift for a friend who loves mixing patterns and upping their fashion game!

Strawberry Cow Fuzzy Bucket Hat

Read the name. Read it again. I’m internally screaming at how adorable this fuzzy bucket hat is. Get it before it goes viral on TikTok and sells out for months.

Baguette Bag

The classic baguette bag, but in sage green — the iconic color that has been trending all year.

Custom Film Roll Keychain

For the sentimental gift lover, this film roll keychain is customizable with up to 15 photos.

Retro Pink Wireless Keyboard

Being at your computer all day gets tiring — especially after this year. Make it more fun by adding this cute retro keyboard (that has the most satisfying clicks, too).

Whether you’re looking for gift inspo for a friend or splurging on yourself, don’t procrastinate on holiday shopping. Between finals and shipping times, the holiday season is going to sneak up on you. I hope this list helped get the creative juices flowing — happy spending!

Mollie Guerrero is currently a Senior at UCF majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. She is a concert addict (mainly Harry Styles, of course), frequent Disney goer, and social media connoisseur. To keep up with her life and her newfound love for creating content, follow Mollie’s Instagram as well as her graphic design journey (http://www.instagram.com/magicbymollie).
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