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7 Celebs I Wish Would Attend My 21st Celebration

In a few days I’ll be celebrating my 21st birthday; drowning myself in cheap drinks at the local bar, eating greasy food at 2 A.M, and hitting on the cab driver who takes me home at the end of the night. While I know that my closest friends, and a few acquaintances, will make it a night I’ll never forget (or possibly remember), there are a few celebs that I wish were on the guest list. Here’s a few A-listers who I wish could ring in this night with me. 


Rihanna would be the perfect friend who would let you borrow her clothes before you go out, but has plans during the night. This way you can have a rockin’ outfit, without worrying about her stealing all of the attention.


Lena Dunham

Lena always expresses that she has an incredibly low tolerance for alcohol; just what you need- someone to make you look less drunk than you really are.


Dave Franco and Zac Efron

These two are a package deal, and personally, I think they go without explanation.


Rebel Wilson

If any one could get me to dance on the bar, it’s this Australian lady. She’s the type of gal who will always have a drink for you when yours gets empty.


Justin Bieber

Well I’d obviously need entertainment at my birthday celebration, so what a better person than J. Biebz himself? Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he looks like Brad Pitt- had he joined The Backstreet Boys back in the day.


Emma Watson

Emma seems like the perfect friend to make sure you’re alright at the end of the night. She’s the one who will call your cab, tuck you in, and make sure you have a glass of water and trash can next to your bed.

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