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6 Unique Vendors That Are a Must-See At UCF’s Next Market Day

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

It’s no secret that UCF always has fun events on campus, but one of UCF’s most unique events is its weekly Market Day. Every Wednesday, small businesses and vendors across Central Florida visit the main campus to sell their goods. At Market Day, there’s something for everyone, and you can find anything from handmade knick-knacks to affordable vintage clothing! Here are six vendors that you must absolutely check out during your next Market Day shopping trip!  

Dead lady’s closet

Meet Heather—the owner of Dead Lady’s Closet, vintage clothing connoisseur, and former UCF alumni. Browsing through the racks, you can find vintage clothing from the 1950s-1990s. Heather sources everything herself, mainly by rifling through estate sales after someone has passed away, (hence the name Dead Lady’s closet!) Heather has been collecting vintage clothing since her days at UCF, expanding her hobby into a business after the COVID-19 pandemic. A few of her friends came over to her house for drinks and she ended up selling them $200 worth of vintage clothing straight from her closet. That was when Heather knew that she had a successful business idea! If you miss the next Market Day, don’t worry! Heather’s store is located at 1700 S. Bumby Ave Orlando FL 32806, where you can shop her items in person! 

original photo of the Dead Lady\'s Closet storefront and owner
Original photo by Anushka Desai

Why are you still using boring, bad quality, and unsustainable claw clips and scrunchies from Amazon when you can get a beautiful hand-made clip and other accessories at FoSew.Co? Maggie, owner and designer of all the items at FoSew.Co, started the business out of inspiration from her aunt who makes quilts. She decided to carry on her aunt’s legacy by making scrunchies and eventually expanding into other products. The name FoSew.Co comes from a play on words with the phrase, “fo-sho,” slang for “for sure.” Next Market Day, make sure to take a peek at Maggie’s accessories! 

outdoor sign of small business named \
Original photo by Anushka Desai
Goldie’s little shop

If I had to sum up Goldie’s Little Shop in a few words, I would call it “your friendly neighborhood thrift store” because that’s exactly what it is! Inspired by her parents’ antique shop called “Goldie’s Attic”, Goldie’s Little Shop dabbles in unique thrift finds that are quirky, colorful, and eccentric. A former UCF alumnus herself, Goldie prefers to stick to the UCF area, as she wants to appeal to students who have similar styles as her. You also don’t want to miss out on her handmade goods and jewelry! 

original photo of Goldie\'s Little Shop storefront and owner
Original photo by Anushka Desai
The Florida roots and greenery

Is your dorm room feeling a little gloomy? Brighten it up with a plant from The Florida Roots and Greenery plant shop! Here, you will find a variety of foliage like succulents, cacti, and flowers. Owner Anna got into this business after COVID-19 and began collecting plants as a hobby. She fell absolutely in love with caring and learning about plants, and the rest is history. No matter what size plant you’re looking for, Anna has it covered!   

original photo of The Florida Roots and Greenery storefront and owner
Original photo by Anushka Desai

Gym rats, never fear! Your new one-stop shop for athletic wear is here! You can choose to spend hundreds of dollars at Lululemon or Gymshark, or you can find the same pieces at Thriftsinthe321 in excellent condition and at a reasonable price! Sophia, founder of Thriftsinthe321, has been in business for over 5 years, so she knows just what her clients are looking for and sources the best pieces she can find. Check out her storefront at the next UCF Market Day, and you’ll never have to worry about finding comfy gym clothes again! 

Photo of Thrifts In the 321 owner and storefront
Original photo by Anushka Desai
Hearnalez’s freeze-dried candy

Got a sweet tooth? Need a new study snack? Check out Hearnalez’s Freeze-dried Candy at your next Market Day visit! Hearnalez got started in the candy profession at their farm, where they decided to experiment with the freeze dryers they already had, and a business quickly bloomed. On Market Days, I can’t walk past the Student Union without seeing a few students snacking on Hearnalez’s freeze-dried candy. They make the perfect addition to a birthday present or fuel your daily sweet treat quota!

photo of Hearnalez freeze-dried candy storefront and owner
Original photo by Anushka Desai

Whether you’re looking for something specific, just window shopping, or searching for a present for a special someone, UCF’s Market Day just outside the Student Union is the place to go! There are always new shops to discover and interesting trinkets, so take a break from your classes during your free time and explore!

Anushka Desai is a freshman student at UCF currently majoring in Legal Studies and is a Staff Writer for Her Campus UCF. In her free time she engages in journaling, cooking and drawing. You might catch her indulging in long drives while listening to her favorite guilty pleasure playlists.