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With the start of the spring semester, there’s anticipation to begin looking for summer internships. I was in this same boat a year ago. I applied to over 50 internships and interviewed for maybe 10 of those. I had the hardest time landing my first internship (without much experience), but once I did, this is what I found most valuable leading up to getting it.

showcase the clubs and internships you’ve had previously

Whichever is more prevalent in your experience. If you have experience working, talk about the life skills you learned from that. If you’re more involved in clubs and organizations at school, talk about what you do for the club, even if you’re just a general member. 

Proofread and update your resume

I didn’t realize until it was time for me to start applying how outdated my resume was already. You should add more relevant things to your resume while deleting the old. Something you did in high school won’t be as important now that you’re in college.

Follow-up emails

One of the most important pieces of advice I’ve gotten from working professionals is to always send follow-up emails. This shows that you are very interested in the internship. This is also an important step as they usually give you an acceptance or rejection reply to this email.

Continue working on yourself professionally

A resume is a living document, so continuing to sharpen your skills or even taking specific classes for your career is important. This shows employers how driven and serious you take your career to be the best.

end interviews with, “what are the next steps in the hiring process?”

This is the proper way of showing interviewers that you want to know what follows and you’re determined to go onto the next steps. More often than not, they will tell you a specific timeline of when to hear back from them. 

Show your passion and knowledge of the company

Always do your research before interviewing or applying for an internship. This shows you really want the internship. It helps if you already know the company is a place you would love to work. Talk about how much of a dream it is to work there and how their values align with yours. 

Although the process is brutal, it’s important to remember rejection isn’t a bad thing. It could protect you from a position that might not be the right choice. Follow these tips and you’ll find the perfect first internship for you. The next time you have to apply, you’ll be a pro and won’t sweat the interview process. 

Hannah enjoys romcoms, young adult fiction books, and binging Netflix shows. When she's not procrastinating, she finds herself writing stories as her dream is to become a published book author one day.
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