6 Reasons You Should Be Watching GLOW (& Why Netflix Should Renew It)

GLOW—an acronym for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling—is one of Netflix’s most overshadowed shows these days. Despite its high ratings and popularity with its audience, it doesn’t have as much of an audience as monster hits like Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black. I, like everyone else in the fanbase, am anxiously awaiting Netflix's decision on whether or not it will get renewed for a fourth season.

But just because Netflix isn’t showing it the same kind of love as it does to its big money-makers, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve it! There are so many reasons why everyone—but especially we, as women—should be watching GLOW right now. 

  1. 1. Wrestling is Actually...Kind of Awesome?

    I am one of the least athletically-inclined people out there, but you don’t have to be into the NFL or WWE to get a kick out of GLOW's choreography. It’s fun! It’s exciting! And more than anything, it’s impressive. Watching a group of random actresses learn how to throw each other across a pink ring is just satisfying entertainment. 

  2. 2. 80s Fun

    This totally goes back to my confusion about GLOW’s lack of popularity. It’s at least as ‘80s intensive as Stranger Things, if not more so—filled with neon, spandex, and techno-pop—so where’s the love? Turn on some Go-Go's and have a blast! 

  3. 3. Social Issues

    GLOW wrestles with a lot of issues that were incredibly inflammatory in the ‘80s that still exist today, providing both a historical context and a pang of how much we still see our society in the bigotry. It covers everything from racial stereotypes to homophobia to what a woman is supposed to do in a room full of men, and it does it well. 

  4. 4. Diversity

    There is no one size, color or background for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling—they are each their own, unique selves, colorful on the inside and out. And they each embrace their identities and differences wholeheartedly. Be still, my representation-in-media-loving heart!

  5. 5. Complex Characters—Women, Too!

    There are several important male roles to be filled in the cast—from the dense but ultimately redeemable director to the flamboyant but repressed producer. But what makes GLOW so special is that the women are in the forefront, and they are truly representative of the whole spectrum of the female experience. None of them are as straightforward as “good” or “bad”—they’re just people. And like all people, none of them are perfect. 

  6. 6. Female Relationships

    Just like the characters, the relationships represent the good, the bad and the ugly. Dealing with best friends who slept with your husband versus putting on lotion before bed with your wrestling roommates are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but that’s where GLOW gets its strength: its authenticity.

To watch GLOW is both to have fun and to make personal connections with the wide array of characters that the show hosts. I hope you all will—it's a great connection to have. (And Netflix, if you're reading this: just make a decision, please! The suspense is killing me, and I'm tired of having the hopeful "GLOW season 4?" Google search constantly pulled up on my phone.)

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