6 Reasons Why You Need to be Watching Jane the Virgin

There are so many reasons to watch Jane the Virgin. If you are looking to start watching or are an avid watcher, let's refresh our minds as to why this show is so successful.

1) It feels like a real Telenovela

American TV show based on a Venezuelan Telenovela? YAS! Where are my Arepas?

2) It doesn’t mock the Latino culture

It's one of the few correct representations of what it is like to be Latino. #NuffSaid

3) It is relatable despite the crazy story line

Family is always on our nerves and talking over us. So rude.

4) The narration

There's such good voice-over work! One of my favorite parts of this show. Always gives you those extra details you didn't know you needed.

5) The heartfelt humor

Any day Jane. Whatever you need. Boob in your mouth like a hamburger it is.

6) The steamy kisses

Yeah, those are never boring. Come on, look at the fancy lights!

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, you should. Now.

#WhereisMyRafael #OrMyMichael #TheStruggle


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