5 Ways to Protect Your Skin This Winter

Cold weather is usually harsh and unforgiving to your skin. It can dry out your skin, resulting in itchiness, flakiness or peeling. It could also lead to more serious skin problems, such as eczema. When this happens, it’s super distracting and can make it so hard to enjoy the winter season. However, there are things that you can do to avoid getting dull, dry or cracked skin in winter. Here are five ways that you can protect your skin when the weather is cold! 

  1. 1. Stay hydrated.

    It’s important to drink tons of water to avoid dehydration, especially when the weather is cold. When the temperature is low, humidity levels drop and the air is drier, which takes moisture from your skin. To avoid having dry, flaky skin all winter, make sure to drink tons of water and keep yourself hydrated.

  2. 2. Avoid long, hot showers.

    Showering and bathing with hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and moisture, which dries it out. To avoid this, try taking shorter showers with warm water instead of hot water. It can also be helpful to use a hydrating body wash instead of a bar of soap, since body washes are usually less harsh on skin. 

  3. 3. Wear soft, breathable clothing.

    Thick, abrasive fabrics can cause irritation and itchiness if they come in direct contact with your skin. Non-breathable fabrics can also make you colder, since it traps perspiration close to your skin when you sweat. If you do wear rough clothing, be sure to wear soft layers underneath to avoid skin irritation and to stay warm. 

  4. 4. Wear sunscreen.

    Although the weather is cold, you’re still exposed to the sun’s UV rays just as much as in the summer. Consistent exposure to UV rays can lead to dehydration and other, more serious health problems. Remember to put on sunscreen whenever you leave the house to protect your skin and to stay healthy.

  5. 5. Moisturize daily.

    It’s super important to keep your skin moisturized when the weather is cold and dry. Since the air lacks moisture, your skin is stripped of a lot of its usual natural oils and moisture. By consistently moisturizing, you can avoid having dry, itchy skin when the weather is cold.

Cold weather can be harsh on your skin, but with these tips, your skin will stay healthy, soft and moisturized all winter! By protecting your skin and having a skincare routine, you'll have soft, glowy skin all winter long, and you can enjoy the cold weather without having to worry about dry, peeling skin. 

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