5 Ways to Maintain Your Mojo Throughout the Semester

Alas, the beginning of the semester is upon us, and any motivation to succeed is at an all-time high. You know how during the beginning of every school year, we find ourselves in a brilliant place where we wake up early, dress nicely, and actually arrive to class on time? For some reason, that mojo doesn’t last for longer than a week, two weeks at most. 

Whether you’re a returning student or an incoming freshman, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: looking and feeling your best requires a certain diligence that can be draining. But it doesn’t have to be! While it can be tedious and time consuming, keeping your motivation isn’t a difficult task.  Here are five ways to maintain your mojo throughout the semester.

1. Give Yourself a Daily Purpose

For a lot of people, waking up is probably the hardest part of the day. Why leave the warmth and comfort of your bed when you shouldn’t have to? Normally, a piece of advice would be to set several alarms minutes apart, but it isn’t guaranteed to be effective. If you have a purpose to get out of bed every morning (aside from going to class, of course), it’ll be easier to hop out of bed. Whether it’s to pick a nice outfit, spend a little extra time on your hair, or even to just make your bed, anything works! Having at least one task to complete every day can help build motivation to tackle any part of your day.

2. Create a Visual Schedule

While it takes some time, creating a visual schedule can serve as a reminder for certain tasks and give you that little push of motivation you need to complete them. Whether you draw specific symbols, color code, or even jot down class and meeting times, you will feel a sense of determination to get things done. This can be done in a personal planner/agenda, desktop calendar, or dry erase board. Visualizing your schedule helps you envision what your month will look like and will keep your workload more organized. 

3. Prioritize Physical and Mental Health 

There is really no excuse for not getting in at least one workout per week (don’t worry – we’ve all been there). While it’s usually grades and academic work being prioritized, our physical and mental health are put on the back burner, and they shouldn’t be neglected. 

Do some quick sets before or after class or schedule a meeting with your advisor or counselor. Whether you’re playing brain games or hitting the gym, your body will thank you!

4. Create Playlists for Every Vibe

It sounds silly, but it can actually be incredibly effective. Creating playlists for specific tasks can help motivate you to cross them off your to-do list. Some example tasks include studying, cleaning, meditating, and working out. Incorporating your favorite songs into everyday responsibilities also help in encouraging you to get to them. Maybe if you get to finishing that history paper, you can simultaneously indulge in the sounds of Vampire Weekend.

5. Reward Yourself 

Or as Tom and Donna like to put it, treat yo self! Although it sounds counterintuitive, bribing yourself with rewards to get things done is actually highly effective. Just think about it – “Once I finish this set, I can get some Smoothie King!” or “If I at least get a B on this exam, I can buy that Fashion Nova body suit I wanted.” Getting something you want as a reward for your hard work is efficient and motivating, and it doesn’t all have to be materialistic – “If I pass this quiz on Webcourses, I can watch three episodes of Jane the Virgin tonight.”

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay motivated throughout the semester - don’t give up, you’ve got this! Good luck!